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Piano Lessons: Level Two Musical: Lesson 12

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This is
Peery habits level 2, musical lesson
number 12.
So hopefully I saw your video on how your
wrists are going.
And you have got some feedback from me.
So you're doing a great job.
That is so challenging, so
if you were able to do those wrists, you
should feel so proud of yourselves.
Many pianists,
even ones that have degrees cannot do this
technique that you can do now.
So you should be very impressed with
This week, we're going to add our left
So we're going to keep working with
metronome 88,
but we're going to add the left hand.
Let me just show you first and then we'll
go over the Fern steps,
which you'll practice everyday, Fern line
one, hands together now.
So here's how it will sound.
Ready, go.
So, let's go over Fern steps.
We already know in right hand.
You've either chosen to do five, four,
three, two, or four, three, two one.
Now, left hand's only going to use one
Here are your options.
In the music, it says three.
That's a great option.
You can do three.
You can do two.
Or you can even do two and three together.
Whatever's going to make you feel like you
can really strike that chime big.
Just no ones and no fives.
And four, mm, so stick with two or three,
or two and three together.
So I'll just be using, I think I switch
off a lot but mostly three.
Now on the expression, left hand will also
push in with that right hand.
So they'll do that together.
But it plays half the time.
So as the right hand is coming down, the
left hand will come down.
And then the left hand needs to find its
new place.
But the left hand will also be pushing
You see that?
So, on every left hand note your going to
push forward just like you did on your
right hand.
Now the rhythm,
right hand is playing all quarter notes.
Left hand is playing all half notes.
So, right hand's going to play two notes
for every one left hand note.
So, watch.
They go together, down, then, right hand
by itself.
Down, together, down, then, right hand by
Down, right hand, down.
So, be patient.
Your left hand's gonna wanna come and
do with it.
Left hand has to be patient and
just take time, get to the new place, and
That's the tricky part about the rhythm.
Now notes, we know the right hand notes,
so lets just go over left hand notes.
It starts with G, and watch, it's the G,
two Gs above middle C.
Just notes.
Goes G, G, G, G.
What do you think about that?
Easy, right?
Okay, then, watch this.
C, so then we start the C above middle C
and we go C, C, C, C.
[SOUND] So left hand really only has two
So the tra, the trick is the expression
and the rhythm for this week.
So you're gonna practice this [NOISE] at
metronome 88.
Five times every day using Fern.
But really watching that expression.
Metronome every time you play it, do not
go faster than this.
Now, here's our Cs.
We're getting really free.
So if you wanna send me in a video for
that too, I would love to see it.
Once you have this line down, you really
almost know the entire piece of Chimes.
That's why we're working so slowly on
Now if you do this line incorrectly,
you're gonna play the entire piece of
Chimes incorrectly.
[LAUGH] So make sure this week you've got
this expression down, with your rhythm and
notes, and you'll be able to finish the
rest of the piece before you know it.
So, work hard, and I will see you for
lesson number 13.