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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level Two Musical: Lesson 13

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is Peery Habits Level 2, Musical Number
As you know, this is my lucky number, so
this lesson is going to be fantastic.
All right, so now you've gotten lines,
line one with your hands together.
With your expression going great, and you
have that thumb tucked under.
So guess what we get to do with week.
We're gonna stay on line one.
Just one more week and then you get to
play the rest of chimes.
I promise it will be worth it.
Okay so this week on line one, we're going
to work on speed.
So you're going to play this five times
per day.
And I want you to start.
I want you to go back and put on your
metronome metronome 58.
So you think, oh that's so slow, but
actually we're going a little bit faster
than you're use to.
So instead of two ticks per right hand
we're going to start at metronome 58, and
do one tick per right hand note.
So let me show you.
So we're gonna do up.
Up, down, up, down, up, down.
Up, down.
If you've been doing as many repetitions
as you should have been through
the last lessons, you should be able to
get it to that speed right away.
If this is tricky, you need to either go
slower and work it up to 58,
or go back and do Lesson Number 12.
So for the first day I want you to work on
in your five times,
playing through line one at 58 and 60.
So your mov, you're doing two speeds on
the first day.
On the second day you're going to do the
next two speeds 63 and 66.
Keep going on day three to 69 and 72.
Day four, 76 and 80.
And by day five, you'll be doing 84 and
And 88 is our final speed.
Let me show you what that's going to sound
See how quickly I'm pushing?
That is really difficult.
But if you've done this step by step with
me, you will get there.
So two speeds per day.
You need to be playing it at least five
It might take you more times on one day to
get through those two speeds cuz
you shouldn't move up your metronome
unless it's really perfect.
So if you start playing it and your wrists
stop working.
You can't move up the speed.
You've gotta go back to where you can push
on every single note to get that
big chime sound.
So this week, if you've reached your final
speed, you get a reward.
And your reward is that you get to add
your pedal.
So this piece, we use the pedal.
And when you use that pedal, it's going to
really sound like those big,
two-ton chimes.
Okay, so the pedal that we're going to use
is the damper pedal,
which is on the far right.
So when you're playing the pedal,
you wanna make sure that your heel stays
on the floor.
That it doesn't come up tippy-toe.
But that you're just pushing down the
pedal with the ball of your foot.
So you can push this pedal down, and leave
it down.
And then play through your chimes.
So, push it down, let's hear our speed.
Metronome 88's our final.
[NOISE] And here's how it's going to
Did you hear that great ring?
You're going to sound just like that.
Whether you're five, or eight, no matter
how small.
If you do those push wrists right, you
will get,
as big a sound as if, a 200 pound man were
playing it.
So, this is very exciting.
So practice your line one, moving up.
Remember, we're starting at metronome 58.
Going up two speeds per day till we reach
When you reach 88, put on that pedal.
When you can get to that point,
you're ready to go on to Musical Number