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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level Two Musical: Lesson 14

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Peery Habits Level Two,
Musical Lesson Number 14.
Yay, the day has come, we get to go on and
learn something more than line one of
I bet you're just so excited, and I know
it's going to be worth it,
though, cuz you are so great at your push
wrist now.
Okay, so here's the fantastic news, this
news is just gonna get better and better,
is line two of Chimes is exactly like line
So you actually know line one and line
So we don't need to go through the FERN of
You'll just repeat, let me show you how
that sounds.
Gonna use my pedal, watch these wrists
ready, go.
That was line one.
Now we're doing line two.
See I start right back at the G.
And now I'm doing my C.
you need to practice that five times every
Now here's the thing, whenever we're
playing a fast piece, with Chimes,
we're doing a lot of motion, so it is kind
of fast.
You need to practice it at a variety of
just like we did in Halloween Pranks, or
else it's going to get actually worse,
I don't know why your muscles do this, but
everybody's does if you constantly play
fast, you'll actually get sloppier.
So to avoid playing worse, and to avoid
losing our great wrist that you've
worked so hard to get, you need to play it
at one time everyday with metronome 88,
this is so you don't get faster.
Two times, no metronome.
Two times move it five speeds down so one,
two, three,
four, five that's back down to 69.
You hear that?
Quite a bit slower, but just play it that
slowly and make sure that wrist is going.
That's how you're going to practice lines
one and two this week.
Line three, new, we want to use FERN.
Let's go through the steps this is gonna
be a piece of cake, though, because you've
already gone through the hardest part of
Chimes, right hand exactly the same.
Left hand Fingers it's going to come up
play,s starting with finger one, on this
So, here's where my right hand is.
[SOUND] Here's where my left hand, it's a
third away from my right hand thumb,
that's where it's gonna set up.
Now, left hand's going to do this it's
going to do,
one, two, three four and then shift down.
So now my thumbs on an E, I'm going to do
the same fingers one, two, three, four,
repeat go back to the B one, two, three,
four E one,
two, three, four that's the fingers.
So in our left hand we're, when we're
playing the one, two, three, four, and
then shift down.
Don't try and cross your thumb under at
this point.
Just shift your whole hand down.
So here I'm playing my four, now pick up
your hand and shift to the next group.
We're using the pedal, and
we need a nice, loose wrist, and crossing
this thumb under,
will usually twist our wrist too much.
So, just pick up after that four, and go
straight on to your next one.
The expression,
did you notice what I was doing?
Push wrists.
Push what's on every note, so let me show
how they go together.
Now your left hand, and right hand are
going to line up exactly.
So if you're good at your right hand, your
left hand should just follow it along,
so ready?
on every note, not popping up we staying
on the key.
But hands and wrists are exactly together.
all quarter notes one, one, one all the
way through, hands exactly together.
Notes, let's go through left hand notes.
[SOUND] Starting with the B.
B, A, G, F, E, D, C, B.
Repeats B,
A, G, F, E,
D, C, B.
On fingers make sure that that thumb stays
under as well,
that it doesn't come up when, when your
left hand's finished playing.
So, pretty, pretty straight forward.
You'll be able to practice that with FERN,
play it slowly this week, and no peddle,
so you can really focus on those wrists.
You can play those first two lines at all
the different speeds, and then,
by next lesson, we can start putting it
all together.
So, I'll see you for lesson number 15.