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Piano Lessons: Level Two Muscular: Lesson 1

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is Peery Habits level 2, Muscular, lesson
number 1.
So if you've gone through the Peery Habits
level 1 and
all of the muscular lessons, this lesson
will be a piece of cake.
We're just going to take the muscle
builders exercise and
the power fingers exercise and put them
hands together.
Going back to the first
skips we did when we first started
skipping back in Muscular, Level 1.
Now if you haven't done Habits Level 1 in
please do not start with the Muscle
Builders Power Fingers, Hands Together.
Go back to Level 1 and go through all of
that repetition with your hands alone.
It'll just be a real mess.
If you start here.
So if you've certified, especially, and
gotten all of your items check off,
send in your videos and made sure that I
can check your position.
You're going to be completely ready to
start Level 2,
muscular lesson one and you're going to
have no problem.
In fact, you'll get through this in half
the time because you're doing your
hands together.
So this lesson, we're going through
skipping between fingers one and
two on the right hand, and fingers five
and four in the left hand.
And the metronome is at 84.
Now, like I said, you should be familiar
with this, so I'm just going to
demonstrate for a few keys, just to remind
you some things about your form.
We'll start with muscle builders.
Down, curve, relax, straight up.
Down, curve, relax, straight up.
Down, curve, relax, straight up.
Down, curve, relax, straight up.
Down, curve, relax, straight up.
Down, curve, relax, straight up.
So keep watching that all of your tips
stay firm when you life.
Do you also see my wrist?
How high and level it is, never dropping
like this.
This makes it so much harder to curve the
fingers, but it's also just bad position.
Straight up.
Down curve, relax.
And the less you're wiggling around and
moving so we don't have a lot of wrist.
Motion like this, don't lift with your
wrists, lift with your fingers.
We're working on building the muscles.
The way we build that muscle is through
lifting from our back knuckle.
Straight up, gather, relax.
Okay, I'll stop there, and now let's go
through the power fingers exercise
skipping between those same fingers.
So our first two fingers in each hand...
Ready, go.
Keep an eye on your second fingers,
and your fifth fingers, these are the two
that like to pop up.
You see that?
This is no good, so keep those feeling the
If you have trouble at first doing.
Doing it hands together.
You can do two tick per note.
[SOUND] for each [SOUND] one to be down.
[SOUND] As you're getting really good at
the exercise you can start playing louder.
The louder the better.
Getting that arm into it.
Not too much bounce.
This is too much.
But just a little.
Got to push on each one.
See, I'm all done.
That, that went through it no problem.
So, make sure on your practice chart that
you're doing 84,
muscle builders one time per day and power
fingers, all the way up one time per day.