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Piano Lessons: Level Two Muscular: Lesson 8

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is Peery habis level 2, muscular lesson
number 8.
So nothing new is introduced in this
You're going to continue to practice
muscle builders, power fingers, and
then hand over hand in c, g, f major
Both of these exercises will be done in
metronome 100.
You'll want to practice this five days for
this practice week.
Now, what I would like you to do, if you
can for this week, is at the end of
the week send me in a video of you playing
through all these exercises.
I would love to see your muscle builders
see that everything is still in the right
place and going well.
I would love to see your power fingers and
also all three keys of hand over hands, c
major, g major and f major.
Make sure that everything is going right
before we add our
next new item in muscular lesson nine.
So I look forward to seeing your videos,
hearing your amazing, tremendous progress.
Keep up the great work.