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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level Two Muscular: Certification

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is Peery Habits Level 2, Muscular Lesson
number 16.
This is our final lesson in Habits Level
two for Muscular.
So congratulations on making it this far.
This lesson has nothing new.
It's a lesson where it's time for you to
send me in a video.
So, on this video I would love to see your
muscle builders and
power fingers and it needs to be at a
minimum speed of metronome 100.
It can be faster than that but
a minimum speed of 100 to be ready to go
on then to level.
For your hand-over-hand, I need to see
your video of C Major,
G Major and F Major by finger patterns at
metronome 100.
So here's what I'm going to be looking
And this is what you need to be able to do
in order to become Peery-certified and
know that you're ready to go on to Peery
Level three.
So in muscle builders, I need to see that
your fingers are coming down
curved and staying curved, that they don't
wobble when you lift again,
that they land curved and they stay
You see that?
They're landing curved and staying curved,
not wobbling around.
The relax step needs to be there, so after
every down curved,
all the fingers need to return back to the
key, no fingers in the air.
This straight-up step needs to be done
from this back knuckle.
Not from here, and not left out.
So make sure you're lifting straight up,
straight up as high as you can go
That's all my fourth can do.
That's fine.
But it is lifting and it's lifting
Not up curved.
I'm going to be looking for your thumbs.
That they're either on the key.
Or tucked under your hand.
Thumbs cannot be hanging down.
Here, or they can't be lifted in the air.
They've got to be touching or under.
And when they're under, they have to be
over the key more towards their
fingers than tucked under way down here.
Do you see the difference?
This really makes my bridge collapse.
So get them up there, under the key.
Over the key and under the fingers.
The steps need to be said out loud.
I need to hear that you can say these
steps while you're playing.
This will show me that you have a really
good beat and
that you've also been saying the step out
loud this whole time.
And then you need to be able to stay with
the metronome.
Like I said the metronome minimum is 100.
And you can do it faster, if you would
But all those steps need to be done
For power fingers, what I'm going to be
looking for, is that.
All your fingers stay on the key.
None come in the air, ever.
But all fingers touching a key at all
So, you're playing from the key to the
bottom of the key.
The thumbs need to be under or on the key,
like we talked about in muscle builders.
At this point in level two you need be
able to play with the beat sound of going
to the bottoms.
So you've been practicing it every lesson
like you should be,
you should be able to at this point have
firm enough tips that you can be playing
deep sound getting the weight from your
So I wanna hear you play as loudly as
possible, keeping your fingers on the key.
For hand over hand, if you haven't already
passed off chord or
arpeggio, please send a video in of those
as well.
If you've already passed those off, which
you should have at this point,
then you're just sending in your
five-finger pattern.
I'm listening for you to stay with the
Looking for your fingers that they all
stay curved and firm.
I want to see if you're doing chord that
the three steps are present
that you learned.
The drop, relax, prepare.
And that your fingers can stay on the
keys, so
if they're every in the air, they come
And I'm also listening for your accuracy,
to see if you can go through up and
down the keys without making any note
So if you can get all these things ready,
then you'll be able to pass this off,
become Peery certified, and
know that you're ready to go on to Peery
habits level three muscular.
Good luck.
I can't wait to see your videos.