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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level Two Practical: Lesson 8

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is Peery habits level 2, practical lesson
number 8.
So your practice chart this week will
include the interval songs.
Sing those every day.
We're still working on middle c song.
[SOUND] And busy bee.
You should be getting to be an expert on
those two by now.
Please include your flash cards and staff
writing in your daily time on each of your
days that you practice,
the time that it took you to do your flash
cards and your staff book.
Add cards and go to your next drill sheet,
when you read those, when you reach those
minimum times.
We're going to do pieces out of our l and
m 1a, Celebrate Piano book.
You'll be practicing pages 56 through 59.
So on your practice chart, page 56,
you'll need to do that five times per day
your chart with x's or stars depending on
how you play it.
Page 57 is a written sheet, so you can
mark that one completed.
58, Flying, do that five times per day.
Marking with x's and stars.
59 FG, AB Polka.
It's five times per day.
Mark with x's and stars.
And then page, oh, that's it.
I was getting a little ahead of you.
Okay, so we're done with 59.
So there are three pieces that are five
per day.
So by this point you're probably able to
handle three, five per day pieces.
But if you're not that's still okay.
Just break it into two weeks.
Do as much as you feel like you can.
So I will see you back here after your,
you've practiced for five days.
And if you're already practiced for five
let me show you how all this goes and see
how you did.
Practice partner, you can watch these and
help out your student for the week.
So let's start with page 56, finger
We're going to set up with left hand.
Finger four on F and going up, up GAB.
Right hand one will go on F and going up,
Right hand's going to start.
On this exercise, the finger numbers are
all written in so
it's an exercise in playing very smoothly
like we did before.
So let's do number one.
Ready, go.
One, one, one, one, one, one, one, two.
And here's our left hand.
Number two, starting with finger one.
Ready, go.
One, one, one, one, one, one, one, two.
Let's go over to page 58, Flying.
It's the same position.
So right hand one on F,
left hand four on F.
Right hand first note is going to
be one on F, and left hand first note is
four on F.
Here we go, this whole piece is soft if
you can handle that.
If not just worry about going up down and
staying the same in your counting.
So, right hand will start.
One, two, ready, go.
One, one, one two.
One, two.
Down, down, up,
one, two, playing very smoothly.
Here's the duet.
Go ahead and play with me if you can.
Ready, go.
I bet you thought I fell asleep in
the middle of that and just kept playing
the same thing over and over.
But that's actually what was written.
Alright, lets go to F, G, A, B Polka, on
page 59.
Right hand's in the same position with
thumb starting on F and going up to B.
Left hand is going to be on G and A, with
fingers two and
three, we'lll be playing a lot of that
harmonic second, those fingers together.
Here we go.
One, two, ready, go.
One, two.
One, two.
Now let's do the duet.
One, two ready go.
That had some neat chords in it.
All right, that's it for this lesson, and
I will see you next lesson.