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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level Two Practical: Staff Book

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is Practical Level 2, using Staff Book.
So we, we're using the flash cards to get
to be good at recognizing notes by sight,
but to be a good reader.
The real key is to get to know distance
between notes, so
you recognize the distance between notes
very quickly.
And the distance between notes is called
an interval.
We've learned the distance of an interval
of a second in our L and
M book from habits.
Level 1.
So we're going to start with our
second and start a Staff Book drill, where
we're recognizing intervals from
the second through an eighth.
Now, these interval drills are found
online and you need to print out a sheet.
One for every week, and it will have five
drills for you to do.
It's important that the drill sheet change
every week because we
don't want to memorize the intervals.
We don't want to memorize what, the same
We want to memor.
Be able to recognize them by sight.
When they're changing, so we can't use
flash cards for this.
You need to just print out a different
drill sheet every week.
Now, when you can do the drills the one
line of drill, in 10 seconds or
less, then you can go on to the next drill
So the first drill sheets will cover
seconds and thirds.
When you can do those drills in ten
seconds or less,
then start printing out every day the
sheets that cover seconds through fourths.
When those are ten seconds and less,
then you'll print out the drill sheet that
goes through seconds through fifths.
And those are ten seconds or under.
Ten seconds to sixths, ten seconds to
sevenths and
finally ten seconds to eighths.
And when you can do that drill line from
the sheet that goes seconds to eighths,
you're ready to send in for your
evaluation and be very certified.
When you can recognize the indibles
between the second and eight.
So good luck.
You just need to be identifying.
No playing.
So just go through the sheets
and name the intervals.
If you have a, trouble saying second,
third, fourth.
These can be hard and slow you down.
Just say two, three, four, whats ever
because you'll have to be saying these
So as you see the interval, just identify
Two, two, three whatever the interval is
then you'll be able to time it and pass
off for your period certification.
So work hard on these intervals and you'll
become a fantastic note reader.