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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level Two Practical: Certification

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is Peery Habits Level 2, Practical
So now you finished all sixteen lessons of
Great job.
And you're ready to try for your Peery
So if you want to become Peery Certified,
you need to send me in some videos.
This is what I need to see.
10 pieces from your l and m one a or
solo's one book.
These are the pieces we've covered in
level two.
So, starting with l and m one a page 36.
You can pick any pieces you want,
as long as there are 10, as long as you're
playing them.
Remember, the criteria that we're looking
for to become Perry Certified.
Is your eyes have to be kept on the music,
not on your hands.
So I need to be seeing that you're reading
the music.
I'm going to also be looking that your
rhythm and notes are correct.
I will not be looking or listening for
dynamics, legato playing,
phrasing, these musical details.
You don't need to do those to become Peery
Certified in the practical area.
If you want to do those, that would be
fantastic, but rhythm and
notes is really what you need to become
Peery Certified.
So, all ten of those pieces need to be
done correctly
with the rhythm and the notes.
No stopping.
The pieces need to be fluent.
You don't need to be 100% perfect, but
the mistakes can't be distracting to the
flow of the music.
I should be able to sing along with you
without having to stop the words.
The next thing you need to send in to
become Peery Certified,
is a video of you doing your flashcards.
Okay, so if you've been doing them, I need
to see a video.
Of you playing and saying all 18
flashcards in one minute or less.
So we're covering from base G.
[SOUND] All the bass clef lines.
[SOUND] All the bass clef spaces starting
at base A [SOUND].
[SOUND] And then the treble cleft spaces
starting with the F above middle C.
then the treble clef line starting with
the E above middle C.
[SOUND] So 18 cards total.
And the last video to become fully Peery
Certified in practical two.
Is of your staff book.
So I need to see that you can do one of
the staff book
drills in ten seconds or less, identifying
just by sight,
you don't need to play anything,
identifying a second through an eighth.
So, this should be one.
That is drawn brand-new, or one that you
have not memorized.
So make sure to do that.
If you are trying to cheat through this,
which you wouldn't do, but
you'll find you'll have even more trouble
on level three, cuz it gets harder.
So just make sure that this isn't a drill
you've done over and
over, that's a drill you're doing by
Okay, so if you can send me in a video of
all those three things.
Then, you'll become Peery Certified so
work hard.
I look forward to seeing your videos.