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Piano Lessons: Peery Essential Habits 3 — Explained

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In Peery Essential Habits Level 3,
we'll have the same three categories that
we did in levels one and
two, which are Musical Practical and
In the muscular we're going on to more
advanced exercises using
the same practice technique that we
learned in Essential Habits 1.
So even if you've been taking, for a few
years or a few months,
and you're skipping to start into
Essential Habits 3,
I would really recommend you go back and
start Muscular in Peery Habits level 1, on
lesson number five.
This is where you're taught the core
exercise that really continues on
throughout the entire Peery curriculum,
and this means a lot of repetition, and
starting at hands alone, without a
difficult pattern like that we're,
like we're going to be doing in level
So please go back and start at Essential
Habits Muscular Level 1.
If you've already certified in Level 1 and
Level 2, Level 3 is a great place to be.
In Muscular, we're going to be starting
Junior Hanon exercises.
So our pattern is going to get more
complicated, and will also be doing a lot
more in hand over hand exercise that we've
learned in essential habits level two.
We're going to be learning more major
keys, and
also be introducing some minor keys.
In the practical category, we are going to
continue on in our sight reading.
You're also going to start a theory book
in this level, so
that you become more familiar with the
terminology and the language of music.
And you're also going to start sight
reading in the ear training book, to give
you daily sight reading drills to make
sure your sight reading is coming along,
and also your ear training.
So that you, you'll be practicing playing
back melodies that you hear and
clapping back melodies that you hear.
So we're getting you to the point where
you're going to be starting to be able
to play things by ear and really training
that ear.
In the musical category, we're gonna learn
three new pieces.
These are great pieces that you are going
to enjoy playing.
They're getting bigger and a little bit
more complicated.
We're going to learn more musical details
and dynamics and pedaling.
So you're really going to enjoy these
pieces in level three.