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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Peery Essential Habits 3 — Practicing

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you practice is really important in
essential habits level three.
You've been taught how to practice from
the very first level, so
if you've been per, Peery certified from
level one and level two,
you'll be very familiar with the practice
You'll be told again to practice how to
practice using our Fern method,
or the five per day, or one per day, or
Fern is a great way to learn a new musical
piece, where you break each
placer down into a different point of
focus so, the F in Fern stands for
fingering, the E stands for expression,
the R for rhythm and the N for notes.
This way, as you're learning a new piece,
you don't have to think of all the details
at once.
You can focus on one aspect, one d,detail
at a time and
really get that detail before moving on to
the next.
And by the end of the week, you'll be able
to all the details as once.
We also have the five per day practice
method, where you evaluate each
play-through, giving yourself an X if you
play it through, and
a star if you play it through perfectly.
So, make sure you follow the practice
By this point, you should almost be able
to figure out
how to practice each assignment, without
me even telling you.
It's important that you really do know the
best way to practice your
assignments by the time you certify out of
essential habits three, and
then go on to players and event the
advance levels.
It's important that you know through those
players that you know how to practice.
So that you can give yourself the best way
to practice daily, so
you can reach those lesson goals and the
weekly goals that you have.