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Piano Lessons: Peery Essential Habits 3 — Certification

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the end of Essential Habits Level Three,
in each category,
you have the opportunity to become Peery
So you can earn your certification in
Muscular Level Three,
in Practical Level Three, and in Musical
Level Three.
There are three separate
certifications and a Peery certification
means you've reached the absolute highest
level and have, have achieved mastery in
all of the components that you've learned
throughout Essential Habits Three.
It's great to set as a goal to become
Peery certified in Essential Habits Three.
This is our final foundational level and
if you can certify fully in Peery,
Peery level three, it's the largest
certification of all the three levels,
you can go into the next set of lessons
comfortably, into the Players curriculum,
knowing that you've, you have a great
foundation to give yourself
all the tools that you'll need to be able
to play the piano however you want to.