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Piano Lessons: Level Three Musical: Lesson 2

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is Peery habits level three, musical
lesson number two.
So this week you're going to continue to
practice section A.
Do it five times marking your chart box
with x's or stars.
Stars when you can play all parts of FERN
You should be able to get through some
since you played A so much last week.
You're also going to go on to section B.
Now section B, is measures five and six
is repeated also down on the last line,
measures 13 and 14.
This section is one of the sections with
the words, so
it's kind of fun to sing along.
So first let's go over the F fingers,
now also make sure not only that you play
with the right finger numbers, but
remember that you're playing with the
great hand position.
Very firm tips, thumbs are under or on the
Now these notes are going to go fast so
it really is especially important that we
play very pointy on our tips, okay?
So here are the finger numbers for Section
Starting with finger one on G below
And it'll go one, two, three, four, five,
then right hand comes in on the d with
finger two,
two, three, four, three, two, one.
For expression, it's MF, mezzo forte, so,
it's a little bit softer than what we did
in section A, which is marked forte.
We can play this really loud on section A.
We come down a little bit on this section
B, but
the expression we're really gonna work on
are these marks like this.
Now, you see this?
In your music, from measures five to six,
So, this means that we're going to get
louder here,
and then, softer here, you got that?
And it happens when your right hand is
So, we're gonna go, soft, soft, loud,
loud, soft, soft.
We can also swing our wrist cuz that helps
us push really loud into that last note.
So our wrists help change the weight in
our arm and
help give us different dynamics.
We make a big circle, you try it.
On the rhythm, let's listen to the words.
Get the rhythm that way.
Sing with me.
Ready, go.
Bouncing on my bed in my purple pjs.
So if you're practicing at 108 like we
were last week.
With the metro it would sound like this.
Bouncing on my bed in my purple pjs.
[NOISE] Last.
Notes, let's go over the notes.
They're pretty simple.
They're just in C position.
So left hand will go G, F, E, D, C.
Right hand.
D, E, F,
E D, C.
So this week, practice section B, going
through every step of FERN individually.
Then remember on your fifth time, you're
going to play it through and
mark all the sections of FERN that you did
Hopefully by the end of the week you'll be
able to mark
off all of the FERN steps that you can do
all of them perfectly at once.
That's a big goal, but I think with
practice you can do it.
Good luck, work hard.