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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level Three Musical: Lesson 7

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This is Peery Habits, level three.
Musical lesson number seven.
Okay, so we're on to Eagle.
But let's talk about Bouncing, just
If you haven't been able to send in the
video yet,
keep practicing Bouncing every day.
With the description of how to practice
back on lesson number six.
So go back and listen to how I'd like you
to practice that, continue to practice
Bouncing until you can send in that video
and get Peery certified.
So, you learned line one of Eagle last
lesson, and
we're ready to go on to line two.
So this week, practice line one five times
every day, marking with x's and stars.
Stars when you can play all steps of FERN
perfectly at the same time.
Line two.
All right, let me play for you line two so
you can hear what you're gonna be able to
do by the end of the week.
All right, so let's go through the steps
of FERN for line two.
So, starting with fingers, let's do right
hand first.
Right hand's going to start on a with
finger two.
And it will go two, three, four, four,
Two, one.
Two, three, four, four.
Three, four, three, two, one.
And you see that change,
just a little bit, the second part.
Okay, let's go through left hand.
Left hand's going to start on F with
finger five, and make that fifth.
We're doing all these fifths again in left
hand, so
the fingers are always going to be one and
So, make a fifth with finger five on F,
then fifth finger five and one starting on
Back up to the F fifth finger five.
C fifth, finger five.
Okay, so
if you keep track of that finger five.
It'll make it easier,
then you only have to think of one note,
where your finger five is going.
Now on the line two, you see back a lot of
these things again.
Looks kinda cool.
So, do you remember what those meant?
Kay, if you went through Habits level two
you know what those, oh,
no, that was on Bouncing On My Bed.
If you did Bouncing On My Bed, you'd know
what this meant.
Okay, so.
It means to get louder.
So from soft to loud.
And then from loud back to soft.
So, that's what our right hand is going to
Listen to the expression.
Now, here's our loudest note.
And to get a nice, round tone,
we're just gonna push in a little bit with
our wrist on that beat.
That's our loudest note.
And then, it comes down to soft.
Soft, now, loud, then Hand soft.
So, the second time think about both B and
the C being loud.
So, loud, loud, loud, soft, soft.
Kind of helps sometimes to pinpoint
exactly what notes you want to play loudly
and softly,
when you have a really long line to shape.
So, I think of playing these soft, then
loud, loud,
loud, loud, loud, soft, soft, soft.
So, the B, C, B, B, C, B, all loud,
and then, the last two, soft, soft.
That would be very beautiful.
Let's talk about rhythm.
Left hand's really easy, straightforward,
but right hand's a little tricky.
So the easiest way to count it at this
point in what you learned is like this.
If you turn on you metronome, I am going
to do about.
One-16, just to get you started.
I am going to count it like this.
One, one, one, two
One, two, one, two.
Three, one, one, two.
One, one, one, two, one, two.
One, one, one, one, two.
See, so there are a couple of long notes.
I'll just count the long notes this time.
One, two, one, two, one, two, three.
One, two.
One, two, one, two.
One, two.
make sure you're either counting that out
loud or playing with metronome or both.
You don't have to do it at one 16.
Whatever speed works for you is fine.
Last are the notes.
Let's go through them.
Left hand, F and C.
Moves down, B and G.
Moves back up, F and C.
Back down.
D and G.
Okay, let's look at the right hand notes.
A, b C, C,
B, A, G.
A, B, C,C.
Here it changes a little.
B, C, B.
And let me show you [COUGH] sorry,
let me show you where the notes line up
together with the hands.
They start together on the A.
this is where your left hand moves down on
the B.
Let me show you something, also, very
magical about this part.
you'll want to watch this in your
Make sure when you go to
lift your left hand here that you're not
also lifting your right hand,
you see I'm holding my right hand down,
hold while the left hand.
Here it comes again, now hold this down.
You might be tempted to do it.
But remember how we learned in Ora Lee,
which was back in level two.
In music, our hands don't always lift at
the same time.
So, in Aura Lee you learned to hold one
note and lift the other.
Hold one hand, sorry, and lift the other
hand while it moved, okay?
That's the same thing we're doing in
Eagle, line two.
So, line two is really jam-packed.
You have a lot to cover, so
make sure you go through each step of Fern
until you can do it.
The fingers are the pretty, pretty
easiest, easiest part.
But expression has a lot, rhythm is
And then notes, getting where your right
hand and
left hand are coming together will take
some work.
If you need a extra week on this, that's
Take as long as you need.
And we wanna send in a video, this line is
It's the hardest line.
There's a lot that can go a little bit
So you don't want to pra, to be practicing
this incorrectly, and
then be sending in your tape for
You know, and having practiced this
So, this would be a great week to send in
a video, so
I can check all of your details on line
So, I look forward to hearing you and
seeing your video.