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Piano Lessons: Level Three Musical: Lesson 11

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is Peery Habits level three musical lesson
number 11.
So keep prac, practicing Bouncing on My
Bed and
Eagle unless you've Peery certified.
Doing it at all those different speeds
every day really focusing on fern.
Send me in your video when you're ready.
Let's keep going on with so last week, we
learned lines one and
two, and you've been working on playing it
very expressively in your hands.
And so this week, we're just going to put
the hands together.
So nothing really new, we don't need to go
over the fern steps,
cuz they're the same as last week.
Although, please practice with your FERN.
On your practice chart this week.
So, still use the fern steps as you're
I just don't need to explain them all,
because they were in the last lesson.
But here is how it sounds, hands together,
both lines, just so
you know what you're going to sound like
at the end of this practice session.
Beautiful, right?
Okay, so go get to work.