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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level Three Musical Certification

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So here are the details I'll be listening
for and watching for, as you try to
certify in Musical Habits Level 3.
This is our final Habits level, so
congratulations for making it this far.
I am really proud of you and know you've
worked so hard to get here.
So here are the things that I'll be
Just go through this list as often as you
can as you practice to make sure that
you're practicing these details.
Okay, so here we go.
Starting with Bouncing on My Bed.
The tempo, you can play Bouncing on My Bed
anywhere from metronome 104 to 126,
and it can go a little bit faster, as long
as you stay in the tempos
marked on the music, but remember, what do
I always say?
Speed doesn't matter.
That's the last thing that matters, so
worry about your details,
just make sure it has a good minimum
speed, at least at metronome 104.
You do need to play Bouncing on My Bed by
memory, so
make sure in your camera shot that you
show me that you have it memorized.
I'll be looking at your thumbs, seeing if
they're always on the key, or
under the hand.
Never hanging down, never sticking in the
I'll also be keeping my eye on your
fingers' curve so
make sure that your camera angle has a
good shot of your fingers,
that I can make sure to see all of the
tips, no collapsing.
So nice and firm, no wobbles, okay?
Make sure that your rhythm is correct.
The easiest way to practice this is to
either play with me, or
to play with the metronome.
So, watch that counting.
Notes, making sure all the notes are
played accurately; no mistakes.
Touch phrasing.
On Bouncing on My Bed, we had a lot of pop
wrists and drop floats.
So I'll be looking for those and listening
to see if they all have the correct sound.
So if you forget about what those details
are, go back and watch those videos.
That includes your dynamics.
That you're always playing with the right
amount of sound.
So look at all of your dynamics, make sure
that you've covered all of them.
Going onto Fly Like an Eagle.
Here's what I'll be watching for in to Fly
Like an Eagle.
Your tempo.
Fly Like an Eagle needs to played anywhere
from 176 to 192.
Again, don't play it with the metronome on
your video.
Just make sure it's within that range.
It needs to be by memor, by memory.
No music.
I'll be looking at your thumbs and again
at your hand position,
that your fingers are curved, that your
thumbs are on the key or under the hand.
I'll listen for your rhythm.
Remember that line three in Fly Like an
Eagle and line two are quite tricky.
Line three has the jumps where you have to
get there in time,
and line two has that rhythm that you
really had to work on your counting.
So I'll be listening especially for those.
You have to play your notes accurately.
The touch and phrasing,
the biggest element in Fly Like an Eagle
is line two you where you.
Where you're connecting from C.
That's a good wave one.
Right to the B.
That's the most common mistake in Eagle
with the, with the touch and the phrasing.
I'll be listening for all the dynamics as
written in the music.
Remember, we had the, in Fly Like an
And then also your pedal.
Okay, that's the hugest thing so if you
could, send me two videos on this.
Or if you have two, yeah, do two videos.
So one where I can watch your hands, and
one where I can watch your foot,
cuz I need to see that your heel's on the
floor and
that you're changing at the correct time.
I can do a lot of that with my ear, but
I also need to see that your heel's on the
And then, your tone.
So that includes all of your dynamics.
And making sure that that tone that you
have is rich and deep, and not harsh.
So, that's keeping all of your wrists
loose, and
really pushing into those loud sounds, not
banging down.
Last one, Minueto.
Okay, tempo for Minueto will be anywhere
between 92 and
116, going as high as 126.
But 92 is fine.
So just make sure all the details are
I'll be looking for your thumbs, for your
hand positions.
Same stuff as the other pieces.
That your rhythm is correct.
That your notes are played accurately.
That you have this by memory.
And that you are using your wrists in
phrasing, so especially I'll be looking
for nice loose wrists that are not stiff,
always in motion doing the small circles.
That's really the new musical technique
that we learned in Minueto and
it's really a great technique to have for
all the advanced pieces you're going to be
playing soon.
Dynamics, I need to hear the dynamics as
written in the music and
then that it has a nice tone.
So that includes sometimes if your fingers
have to play more on the pad,
that changes the tone and that's okay that
they play on the pad,
just as long as they're not collapsed, so
I'll be listening for that.
Okay, so that's a lot to think about, you
can take these pieces one at a time.
But I'm really excited to hear what you've
done, and to see your videos.
If you're getting frustrated, and it's
hard for you, you're never feeling ready
to send in a video, just send one in
anyway, and let me see how you're doing.
Maybe I have some good advice to, to help
you through.
So, really send one in and I look forward
to hearing you.