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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level Three Muscular: Lesson 3

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is Peery Habits Level three, Muscular
Lesson number three.
This week, we're going to be going on to
Junior Hanon exercise number two.
So, on your practice chart, you need to be
practicing, the Junior Hanon number two,
lines one and two.
Now, the first step would be to learn the
pattern, so
you need to be going through the pattern,
at least one time every day.
You might need to start off just doing the
right hand power fingers and
left hand power fingers, but no metronome.
Just learning the pattern.
By the end of the week, you should be able
to put the hands together,
and try it with the metronome.
Your goal is 108.
But like I said in last lesson, we have
two weeks to reach this goal,
to be able to it at 108, muscle builders,
and power fingers.
So, this week if you can make sure to just
get the pattern really well learned,
hands together, at any speed perfectly,
then you're on track.
So, let's go through the pattern of Junior
Hanon number two.
It starts out on middle C right hand, and
low C left hand.
So, our position in Junior Hanon,
is a little different than what we did in
levels one and two, where we were here.
We're gonna set up with our right hand now
on middle C, and left hand on low C.
Now, when we look at the music, those
first two lines, are a lot,
but really it's just one measure.
We just have to memorize the pattern.
So let me show you the pattern.
You do the one, then you skip a note just
like we're used to, but
now we're going to go straight to finger
So let's try that.
1, 2, 5.
Do that again 1, 2, 5.
Now, you can either watch the music on
this part, or just memorize this pattern.
What's ever easiest for you.
Then the music goes down,
down, up, down, down, down.
That's your pattern.
So you do the big skip.
Two downs.
One up.
Three downs.
So, either memorize that, or
just look at the music and follow the
notes going up or down.
If you're a good reader, it's mostly just
Other than this first, first little
pattern right here.
Then it's just steps up and down.
Let's look at the left hand.
Now, the left hand, you're not going to
skip up to the E with finger four.
You're going to use your finger three.
So, we're learning something new here.
So, we'll go, I'll do it up the octave
just so you can see.
5, 3, 1.
Then your two will come into and play
here, so it's 5,
3, 1, down, down, up, down, down, down.
So, it's the same pattern.
We're just used to playing, with our four,
now we're going to play here with our
Together it looks like this.
Ready, go.
Now we start on D,
and do that same pattern.
I'm gonna do a double speed,
so you can see where we're gonna stop.
B is where we're going to stop.
So once you hit B.
We're done.
You can even go down to C and end it here
if you want.
All right, so you'll practice that, just
learning the pattern.
If you can do it muscle builders as well,
that would be great.
On hand over hand, we're adding our last
group two key, which is E.
So E major chord, let's figure out how to
make that.
E will be on the bottom.
Then our pattern for group two is white,
it's the middle one of the three black
can you remember how to make this major
chord minor?
That's right, we just move this middle
note down a half step.
Very good, that sounds sad.
You'll be doing your hand over hand
exercises D,
A, E, major and minor chords, all at
metronome 112 this week.
I'll demonstrate E major and E minor.
[SOUND] Ready, go.
sure you keep your third really curved and
firm, and really drop into those keys.
Now let's do E Minor.
Ready, go.
When you've practiced a minimum of five
days, or have mastered these items,
you're ready to go on, to Muscular Lesson
number four.