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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level Three Muscular: Lesson 5

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is Peery Habits Level 3, Muscular Lesson
Number 5.
So hopefully I saw your videos of Junior
Hand-In Number 2.
And especially of Hand Over Hand Group 2,
all the major minor chords.
So you're ready for a muscular lesson
number five.
Here we go.
So first on your practice chart, you're
going to put you're working on
Junior Hanon number two, but this time
we're going to learn three and four.
So we're going to do that pattern
So this is our first week of learning the
new pattern.
So, again, just focus on learning the
Memorize that pattern.
I'll show it to you in just a second.
You don't need to play it with the
But by the end of the week, you should
have it at some metronome speed perfectly,
and hands together.
Our goal speed for junior hand-in number
two this week for lines three and
four is metronome 108.
We'll also be adding in our hand over hand
exercise, the A-major and minor arpeggios.
So put that on your chart.
And that metronome speed will be metronome
So let me show you the pattern for Junior
Hanon, Number 2, lines 3 and 4.
So, we're gonna start on this G in the
right hand, and
we're going to do our pattern opposite.
So, instead of going up like this, we're
now coming down.
So, we'll go five, and if you're keeping
one finger per key,
go straight to your two, and then, your
one is gonna skip down.
So, there's that note skip between two and
So five, two, one that's the hardest part.
Even if you practice that with all the
notes held just so
you get the shape of the chord in your
hand, that will make it easier.
So it's five, two, one.
Now we go up, up, down.
And now three ups.
Up, up, up.
And that's the pattern.
Let's do it again.
So, five, two, one, up, up, down, up,
up, five, two, one, up, up, down, up, up.
[SOUND] All right?
So over and over and over.
If you love the music you can look at it.
But I promise you Junior Hannan is easier
if you just memorize that one measure.
It's just one measure long.
It's not two lines.
So when you look at the music you tend to
think it's two lines long, but
it's really just one measure.
Let's look at the left hand.
Okay, so we're starting with G, finger
one, and
we're going to skip all the way down to
Now do you notice I do a little skip here?
I don't put one finger per key.
So if I do a little skip here, we're going
down to the third finger.
That's a little different than how our
right hand was set up.
It's the same notes, but it is a little
different with the fingers, so
you might want to try these hands toge,
hands alone for a few days.
Now to our five.
So again, feel the shape of that chord.
That's the hardest part of the pattern.
So now, let's go on to the rest of it.
The easy part.
Up, up, down.
Up, up, one, three, five, up,
up, down, up, up, one, three,
five, up, up, down, up, up.
Okay, so work on that pattern.
See if you can get hands together.
Any metronome speed.
Where you can go all the way starting at G
till we end at C.
I'll show you where,
how we're gonna end it.
[NOISE] I'll do it at 108.
Power fingers.
I'm gonna go faster just to get through it
and I'm gonna show you.
Show you.
Here's that ending.
Once we hit the A.
Do you see how I ended it?
So once we get to our top note on A-
We're gonna do the regular pattern.
Up, up, down, up.
Up and instead of going here, we go back
down to the C and end it.
Okay, and let me just demonstrate for you
hand over hand A major.
You know what?
I think you could probably play this with
You already know A major chord.
Do you wanna try it?
See if you can do it first time?
You'll be surprised at how great you are.
Okay, so here we are set up in A major
One, two, ready, go.
It's pretty fast were you able to do it
let's try a minor setup in a minor one,
two ready go.
So after you've mastered those items and
practiced a minimum of five days,
you're ready to go onto muscular lesson
number six.