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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level Three Muscular: Lesson 7

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is Peery Habits, Level 3 Muscular Lesson
Number 7.
So this week, we're continuing on with our
Junior Hanon, and
hand over hand exercises.
In Junior Hanon, it's time to go one to
number three.
So, it's time to learn a new pattern.
Number three's pattern starts out just
like number two.
Do you remember how that started in
number two?
So it's exactly the same thing.
But, we're gonna go down twice, now.
So, down, down, down.
Three times.
So here we are, down, down, down, and just
two ups.
Up, up.
Let's do it all, ready, go.
Starting out the same.
Down, down, down, up, up.
Then repeat.
Three downs.
One, two, three.
Now two ups.
Down, down, down.
Up, up.
you'll go all the way until your thumb is
on B.
Up, up, and
instead of going down here, finish off up
at the G.
This one is quite similar to number two.
So, the first thing to do is always to
learn the pattern.
If you have to start at hands alone,
that's great.
By the end of the week try and
get it power fingers at any speed you can
do perfectly.
Our goal speed for number three is 112,
you need to be able to reach that by next
Because this pattern is somewhat similar,
you could try practicing muscle builders
this week as well.
The more you practice muscle builders, the
So if you can be practicing muscle
builders even when the pattern is new
you'll get stronger and stronger fingers.
If you're a little overwhelmed, just leave
out muscle builders and
just do power fingers for the first week
you're learning a Hannon.
This is a great week to send in a video,
we've learned all of the arpeggios
we need to learn for group two, D, A, E,
major and minor.
So if you could send in a video playing
those arpeggios and metronome 132,
I can give you feedback on how to be ready
for your Peery certification.
And we are learning something new in hand
over hand.
And that's five finger pattern.
Remember we did that in the group one
keys, and
this is our last way of how we practice
hand over hand.
This will be at 132.
So if we look at D-major, here is our
And if we just fill in the white notes
around it there's our five finger pattern.
So let's go through that.
Ready, go.
Now to make this major into minor we just
need to change that one middle note again.
So here is the D Minor finger pattern.
So you'll play D major and
D minor five finger pattern at metronome
132 one time every day.
Really watch that your fingers stay close
to the keys and
that you're keeping your tips really firm.
Remember how last in level one, when we
learned five finger, we learned not to
stick our thumbs out here, but to get the
whole pattern ready at once.
All five fingers down on the key.
Remember to continue to do that in this
group two keys as well.
So black keys ready.
Thumb on the key.
If you didn't go through level two, please
go through level two now, and
see that explanation of how to do the five
finger pattern.
It will really help you on level three.
If this lesson is, has a lot of stuff in
it, and it's a little too long for you,
it's a lot to practice, feel free to break
it up into different weeks.
It is a lot to practice so if you just
want to work on Hanon this week and
then sending in your video for arpeggios
next time and
then after that learning the five finger
pattern, that's great.
Always do what you feel you can.
That way you'll stay motivated and keep
doing your lessons.
If you ever feel overwhelmed, just leave
something out for that week and
do it the next week.
All right?
Okay, I look forward to seeing your
Have a great week.