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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level Three Muscular: Lesson 9

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is Peery Habits, Level 3, Muscular Lesson
Number 9.
So you've passed off the first two lines
of Junior Hanon,
Number 3, and now you're ready to go on to
lines three and four.
The metronome goal for this is still
metronome 112.
You'll just be learning the pattern this
You can start hands alone.
Your goal by the end of the week is to be
playing it hands together at
any speed perfectly.
112, or even slower.
Doesn't matter.
As long as you can play through the whole
exercise without stopping.
So let's go through the pattern, and what
it looks like.
So we're going to do-
The same coming down that we did in
number two.
So with all my fingers touching a single
key we'll go,
from five to two, and skip a key and put
my thumb down at once.
Now let's look at these steps.
It will go up, up, up.
So three up.
Followed by two downs and
that's our pattern.
So let's try it again starting on the next
key of F.
So five, two, one.
Three Fs.
Up, up, up two downs, down, down.
Starting on E.
Five, two, one.
Up, up, up, down, down.
Let's try it in the left hand.
Left hand will start on this G below
middle C.
And again we're gonna do a little skip
here, between the one and the two.
And go from our one to the three to the
So, one, three, five, up, up, up.
So, three ups, now, two downs.
Down, down.
That's our pattern.
Let's start on F and do it again.
One, three, five, up,
up, up, down, down.
Okay, so our goal is one, 12.
Let me play you these two lines so you can
see how this ends.
The ending always changes around just a
little bit.
then it goes a little faster just to get
through it.
Last pattern starting on A.
So here's the last pattern again.
We get to our A.
But it's instead of going to our G, we
just go straight down to our C,
just like number two.
Hand over hand, you're still practicing D
major and minor, A major and minor,
by finger patterns.
Were adding in E major and minor.
You could practically teach yourself at
this point, right?
Cuz you've got it.
Okay, so this will go up to metronome 144.
Do all of the keys every day.
Now, in level two, we talked about that
every group had one unusual key.
And guess what, E is it for group two.
So instead of just one black key being
this one,
we're gonna add this extra black key.
Cuz remember, our whole step,
half step pattern was whole, whole, half,
Then, while we're doing the minor, we
still just lower that third finger down.
Do you see?
So, just that note changes.
So, this, let me just show you [NOISE] the
E major five finger pattern.
Going up.
going to do something really cool and
change it into minor coming down.
Just to really freak you out.
You don't have to practice it in this way.
That's kinda fun.
Just do that for fun if you want.
So those are the E major and minor
five-finger patterns.
Get to work and I will see you for
muscular lesson number 10.