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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level Three Muscular: Lesson 10

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is Peery Habits, Level three, Muscular
Lesson number 10.
So this is a big pass off lesson.
So, your practice chart this week will
include Junior Hanon, number three,
lines one, excuse me, lines three and
four, at metronome 112.
You'll be practicing that one time muscle
builders, one time power fingers,
every day.
With the goal of getting it at 112
perfectly, no stopping.
You'll be doing your hand over hand, this
week at metronome 132.
And now you know all of your group two,
five-finger patterns.
So, practice D, A, E, major and minor
five-finger patterns.
And when you get those perfectly, please
send me in a video, and
we can talk about how you if you're ready
to be Peery certified on those items,
for hand over hand.
Now, the big item that's new this week,
that I want to go over with you, is your
scale prep.
So, we're going to start learning how to
play scales,
which a lot of music is made of.
So, we need to become scale experts.
And the biggest, most important,
greatest thing to learn about how to play
scales, is how your thumb moves.
So, this week, we're just going to do a
scaled prep.
And you need to do this scaled prep ten
times, each hand, every day.
So, ten times on your practice chart every
day, for five days.
We need to train this muscle, and make
this a really strong habit in your thumb.
So, let me show you what the thumb prep
looks like, I'll show you on my left hand,
so you can see it easier.
To begin with, you're going to play finger
one on C,
and you're gonna play then finger two, and
then you're going to slide this thumb
while still staying very close to the
Now that's one time.
Let me show it to you again.
Sliding the thumb very carefully,
do you see that?
So, let me show you some ways that you
might do it wrong.
Seeing a variety.
We don't bring our thumb out of here and
back up.
No, no, no.
You see that, no.
[LAUGH] Other things you don't wanna do,
is bring your thumb way up here, and
then back down.
So, no going up and then back down.
Leave it close to the key, or
even think of touching your second finger,
and then sliding it just right under, so
it's by your third finger.
You see that?
The other thing you don't wanna do is do
it with your wrist.
So, you don't wanna be crossing under your
thumb, with your wrist.
So, the goal is,
that as soon as your second finger plays,
your thumb goes under immediately.
I can do it really quickly.
That's because I've been doing it for
years, and years.
Almost 30 years, I've been doing my thumb
So, I can do it quickly.
But you need to start out doing it slowly,
making sure everything's looking good.
So, you do that ten times each hand.
Let me show you what right hand looks
So, right hand, you'll play your thumb.
And then go under.
You see?
You'll play C, D and slide it under.
Again, do you see how my wrist is not
It's not twisting like this.
I'm not going out here and touching the
It just looks like, it's almost like I'm
just bending my thumb in, and
making a finger number four.
You see?
That's all I'm doing, not doing anything
big like this.
So, do that ten times every day.
Since you're sending me in a video for
hand over hand,
if you want to include your thumb prep, I
would love to see it.
If you've learned to do this incorrectly,
you're going to form a bad habit.
And it's going to make scales so much more
difficult to play,
when you're wanting to play them really
fast, and really even.
So, I would love to see a video of your
thumb prep.
Have a great week of practice, and I'll
see you for Muscular Lesson number 11.