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Piano Lessons: Level Three Muscular: Lesson 16

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is Peery Habits, Level Three, Muscular
Lesson Number 16.
So, you've made it to your final muscular
This is a huge accomplishment,
cuz muscular is really the hardest
category in all of Peery Habits.
So if you're right up here, you have
learned so much, and
you're already well on your way to
becoming a fantastic pianist.
So let's look at our assignment for our
last lesson of habits, lesson number 16.
You'll be practicing junior hand and
number five.
Now this is what you need to video for me
to become Peery certified.
So the entire thing.
So remember, our goal speed is 120, and
I'll need to hear it,
both muscle builders and power fingers.
I'm going to now play Junior Hanon Number
five Power Fingers all
the way through and metronome 120.
You can check your pattern or practice
playing along with me,
to see if you're ready to be Peery
certified on hanon.
Ready, go.
Keep all your fingers on the keys.
Play deeply into the keys.
Thumbs on the key or under the hand.
There you go with going down pattern.
Keep that left hand too on the key when
you go four,
five, four, except I did it wrong, five,
five, don't let that two get in the air
Watch those two's, I'm telling you,
they're gonna wanna pop up.
really challenging when you're playing
this five, four, five to not-
Lift up your two, so really watch that.
Okay, so that was the pattern going up and
coming back down for number five.
On the scales and inversions, you've
covered C, G, F major, A natural minor.
I saved the best for last.
The last scale you're going to learn is
called C contrary, and it's a lot of fun.
I've never met a student that doesn't love
C contrary.
And don't you be my first one that doesn't
like it.
So you're going to love it too.
Okay, here's how it goes.
You're gonna start both thumbs on middle
[SOUND] Yap, they're actually gonna play
on the same key.
That's cool, don't worry about it.
Okay, here we go.
They're both gonna go out away from each
That's called contrary, right, like
they're in a fight.
They wanna get away from each other.
So here we're doing both of our thumb
preps at the same time now.
So our thumbs will already be sneaking
under our hands.
Thumbs together, do you notice how I'm
playing the same fingers numbers in both
hands at the same time.
That's what makes C contrary so fun.
It sounds cool and it's super easy to
Let me show you.
That will be a metronome one 12.
Here we go.
Back in.
Easy right?
That one's going to be fun and it will
impress your friends.
Okay, so work hard on muscular 16.
I want to be seeing lots of videos from
you in the near future.
We'll go over your Peery certification.
So watch what you have to do for Peery
certification, and
then send in those videos.
Work really hard this week, okay?