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Piano Lessons: Level Three Muscular Certification

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This is Peery Habits Level three,
getting ready for your Peery Certification
for Muscular.
So, to become Peery certified in Muscular
Habits three,
you need to cover three items.
We have our Junior Hanon, hand over hand,
and your scales.
Okay, so here is what needs to be ready to
become Peery certified in Junior Hanon.
I need you to send in a video of,
of you playing Junior Hanon number five,
on metronome 120.
One time muscle builders.
So, on muscle builders, I'm gonna be
looking for your down curved step.
That when you land, you land curved, and
you stay curved.
So, when you're lifting, this finger stays
curved, it doesn't wiggle around.
We're gonna be looking for your relaxed
step, so that when you come down curved,
all other fingers come down with it.
Touching a key, totally relaxed.
Now note, I'm going to be watching, for
your straight ups, that you're
lifting from this back knuckle, just like
we did in level one, and level two.
So, no lifting from this middle knuckle,
all from the back knuckle, and
as high as is comfortable from each
individual finger.
[INAUDIBLE] also be watching your thumbs,
seeing if they're under,
or always touching a key.
None in the air, none hanging down.
And then I'll be listening to see if you
can play with the metronome, so,
to pass off for Peery's Certified Level
you do need to be doing muscle builders,
only two ticks.
So, down curved relax it on tick, and
straight up is one tick.
For power fingers, what I'll be watching
is that all of your fingers stay on the
None in the air.
I'll be watching for your fingertips to
stay really firm and curved.
For your thumbs to be under or on the key.
For you to stay exactly with the
metronome, you must play these exercises,
all these muscular exercises with the
I want to hear a really firm sound, so.
I wanna hear that you're playing with
the weight or your arm
That you've learned to attack and
push in by this point, with your arm
That you're not just playing anymore just
with your finger weight.
But that your really pushing in with your
Hear the difference?
So, here's the thing, if you're playing on
an electronic keyboard, I want
you to take a shot of your volume, or make
sure that I can see your volume switch.
And I want it almost to the end.
I want it a quarter way down.
So, if it's half volume or higher, it
doesn't count.
So, no cheating on the electric keyboards.
You've got to play loudly, on your own,
with your arm weight.
And then accuracy.
No mistakes.
So, you've gotta play five, all the way
through in power fingers.
Up and down without stopping, and without
making a mistake.
This is a big deal to become Peery
Certified in Habits, Level three.
It's a huge accomplishment.
Okay, let's talk about hand over hand.
So, hand over hand, I would need to hear,
D, A, E, major and
minor, chord arpeggio and five-finger
I'm going to be listening to see if you
can stay with the metronome, the metronome
that needs to be, met, to become certified
is 144, that's quite fast.
Okay, I'm gonna be watching your fingers,
that all of them are firm.
That your thumbs are under.
The same kind of hand position things that
I'm always looking for.
I wanna hear that you're playing through
the bottoms of the keys.
So again, electronic keyboard people, I
want it quarter of the way to the bottom,
just quarter way.
And then, accuracy.
I have to hear that all of them are played
without a mistake, or without a pause.
Huge deal, right?
I think your parents should throw you a
party if you pass off this muscular test.
This is huge.
Last, scales and chords.
I need to hear C, G, F major.
A natural minor, followed by their root
position and inversion, broken chords.
I also need to hear C contrary.
Okay, here's what I'm gonna be listening
They need to be at metronome 112.
You have to be able to stay with the
metronome, metronome needs to be on.
Gonna be looking for your fingertips, same
Firm and curved, no wobbles.
Thumbs on the key, or under the hand.
Same thing we're looking for in everything
Listening for your arm weight, so,
volume's down, and then,
again, your accuracy.
The other big thing I'm watching in
scales, do you know?
Is your thumbs.
So, I'm gonna be watching both your thumb
That it's done correctly, and your wrist.
Now, here's the thing, I really need to
see your right-hand thumb.
So, here, the camera has always been on my
right side, so
you've never really been able to see my
thumb, directly.
Only from the overhead shot.
When you video it for me, I need to see,
when you're playing left-hand thumb,
I want your camera, to the right of your
left-hand thumb.
When you're playing your right-hand
I want the camera over here on your left
side, so I can see your thumb.
This is essential.
If you send me a video, of this right-hand
scale from this side,
I can't see if your thumb's doing the
right thing.
So, please, you must send me these
different camera angles, just for
the scales.
I need to watch how that thumb's crossing
All right.
So, good luck, let's get ready to party
after all this hard work, and
I look forward to seeing your videos.