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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level Three Practical Certification

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This is Peery Habits level three,
Practical Certification.
To become certified in practical level
you need to pass off in the following
categories, sight reading,
flash cards, staff book, four-star, and
That's a lot.
They're very few who actually earn their
Perry Habits three certification.
They're the top of the top.
So I'm proud of you for
thinking about going ahead and trying to
become certified.
It's a huge accomplishment.
So let's talk about each category, what's
expected to become certified.
For sight readying, you need to be able to
play ten pieces chosen from
Lesson in Musicianship Level 1B and solos
level one from page 14 to the end.
Any of the pieces is fine as long as
they're playing pieces,
so none of the written work will you be
The pieces need to be played fluently, but
not perfectly.
That means they can have tiny mistakes as
long as the mistake is not distracting to
the flow of the song.
So I should be able to sing along while
you're playing without being interrupted.
I'm not looking at hand position, thumbs,
dynamics, phrasing, any of that.
we really focus on those thing in muscular
Musical and
if you can do those details in the
practical, you're that much further ahead.
But what's expected in these sight reading
pieces is that it looks to me like
you're reading them, is that you're
learning to read music.
So I wanna see that the notes, you've
learned the notes correctly and
you've learned the rhythm correctly.
The rhythm has to be correct,
so be counting all of your rests, all of
your long notes.
I will be counting while you're playing,
so make sure you keep right on beat.
If your rhythm is off, that will keep you
from passing.
Also, your eyes have to be kept on the
If I see that you've practiced these
pieces so
hard that you've memorized them and
they've become musical pieces,
then it's not showing me that you've
reached a level of sight reading yet.
So, read those pieces, keep your eyes on
the music.
So, choose the ones that are easy enough
for you to read.
Don't choose the really hard,
fancy ones that you might want to play for
a recital or for your friends and family.
Flash cards.
You need to show me a video that you can
do all of the flashcards from low C
to high C, playing and saying the cards in
one minute or less.
So in the flashcards, that's cards number
4 to 17, 25 to 39.
Staff book.
Take one of the drills,
seconds through eighths.
Send me a video of you playing and saying
through that drill,
in 20 seconds or less.
To be truly Perry certified, this should
not be a line you've ever done before.
It should be a line that you see for the
first time.
So I'm just stressing you that this is
what you do.
This way you know that you can recognize
those intervals.
This will really help you be a great
So if you can do this you know that going
on, you're gonna be an excellent reader.
Four star.
What I want you to do is get your Four
Star book,
turn to the very end where it says Four
Star Test 10.
It's at the very end of the book.
You shouldn't have ever seen this before
and I want you to do all of the exercises.
Just go through it once, don't practice
it, okay.
I want to see your site reading and your
Please video that and send it in.
Theory test.
To pass your theory test,
you need to take it online.
As long as you get a score of 90% or
higher, it's passed.
So good luck, work hard, and working
toward your Peery level 3,
have it practical certification.
I know you'll be able to do it, and I look
forward to seeing all of your videos.