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Piano Lessons: Posture

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Welcome to Peery Piano.
This introduction video has a lot of great
basic information.
Please watch this video now and then come
back when you need a refresher or
want to watch certain sections again.
And hopefully you'll come back often and
get all these tips as you go.
The first thing we're going to talk about
is how you sit at the piano.
We're talking about it first because it's
so important.
It's the most important part of your
practice and
you need to do it very first thing, even
before you start.
So let's first talk about if you can't
touch the floor.
So if you're sitting on the bench and your
feet are dangling above the floor.
You see, woo hoo.
I'm so short.
This is how I want you to sit on the
You need to sit so that you knees are at
the very edge and
that you're feeling a lot of weight on
your behind.
That you're sitting strong and centered,
here on the bench.
Now let's talk about how to know if you're
at the right distance from the keys.
The thing that tells us is our elbow.
So if I put my hands on the keys
right now, do
you see how my elbows really straightened
its way out of here in front of my body.
I'm too far away, so I'm gonna move my
Get back centered on my bench, and now I'm
sitting, hands on.
Okay this is getting closer, but you see
how my elbows right here on my side like
this almost makes a straight line, now I'm
too close.
What were looking for
is our elbow to be just slightly in front
of our body like this.
Okay, so you see I'm a little too close,
so let's move back.
And it's okay if you take a few tries to
get it just right.
It's really important that you get it
Okay, and you're gonna lean slightly
There, I just barely see my elbows,
they're right in front of my body.
You see that?
Now, if you're taller and your feet can
touch the ground,
you're going to do the same thing.
Only you're going to sit on the edge of
your bench really with your weight tilted
So you're never sitting up totally
straight like this.
You're kind of leaning forward.
So looking at my elbows, I'm just a snitch
too close.
I'd wanna move back just a little bit.
Okay, so that's good.
Now especially if you're not the only
person playing the piano,
you need to check this and change the
bench every time you practice.
Cuz if you have a 12 year old sister
playing and you're seven,
you're going to have your benches in two
different places.
You don't want to be playing with the same
No matter how old you are, how tall,
you want to make sure that you sit very
straight that your shoulders are back and
that you're back is straight, not curved
down like this.
This is gonna give us really big humps
when we're older if we sit for
hours and play like this.
So, we don't want humps, we're gonna sit
up really straight and tall.
And we're gonna lean just a snitch
Now I'm ready to practice.