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Piano Lessons: How to Certify in Players

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I wanted to talk a little bit about how to
certify in player.
Certifying in player is just a whole
process of working through the curriculum,
and getting to the point of certification
is quite different than in habits.
In habits, we're very step by step.
I choose very specific pieces to, to train
the fundamental techniques.
And you have to do it exactly the way
these videos progress.
So, as we get to player here, you have the
tools now from Hanon.
You have all the basic, fundamental
technique that you really need.
And at this point you should be reading
music pretty well.
And then you have the videos that have a
lot of the musical pieces and
the studies and the,
the technique and the muscular items there
for you kind of in it's final form.
That you can look at it in its final form,
that you can know, through what you
learned about how to practice.
In habits that you can work through a
piece and
get to that point of final form, and send
me a video when you've memorized it, and
have gotten it to that point of for my,
for my evaluation.
So, that's very different than habits,
when I was trying to check all along the
That's because in habits, I, we're
training those techniques, and in players,
you should have those techniques.
If you've gone through and
had the patience to get to the point of
certification on all of your items.
So at, if you, if you click on those
players, the players curriculum,
at the top is the list of certification.
I just printed out the first page, it
looks something like this.
And how we do certification in players is
that each line item should get one video.
So don't submit more than one line item in
the video.
It just gets too long, and too much to
review all at once.
For any of the practical or musical, just
when you get this,
the celebration perspective rep,
repertoire one, for example, in musical.
I'm looking at the level one requirements.
Do submit one video for list a piece, one
video for
list b, one video for list c, and you can
do that whenever you're ready.
For all the practical same thing just one
video per line item
as far as the four star which is marked,
you just have to be, have it completed.
And the theory which you, is really kinda
self study.
It, you can have the answer book, and you
can complete it and
make sure you understand all the concepts.
If you ever have questions, you can always
post a video or
write on my, my student page and ask me
Or write in the forums probably is the
best way.
If you have questions about any of this
stuff of course write,
send in a video for that.
Otherwise you can do, do at least the four
star in fundamentals, and
the perfection ear CD just on honor system
that you've completed it.
And then go ahead and send in a video for
the sight reading pieces,
and one for the fake book.
Now the musculars a little bit different,
because there is a whole long list and
the list just gets longer of technical
requirements that's,
that's based off of the Royal Conservatory
music syllabus.
I want all those Royal Conservatory music
items in one video.
But don't post all of them.
I want, when you're ready, when you know
all of them,
please post on my student page, and, I,
and say,
I am ready to certify in the RCM items for
players, blank, and you tell me.
And then I'll write you a response, and
say, here's what I want.
And I'll give you a spot check list of
those things.
And you have one week to submit a video.
No cuts.
It'll include something from that entire
list, a sample, from the list.
And you can't do cuts.
Okay, so it's kind of like taking an exam
where you go in and you have one shot.
For Junior Hannan, you can do any exercise
you want or for studies, that's the same.
So, it's really just the RCM stuff that,
that has that little bit different twist
on it.
There is a forum post if you click on
Forums > Curriculum Answers and
Advice > Certification Procedures and
Preparation, there is an answer
that outlines all this if you forget or
don't wanna watch this video again.
[LAUGH] That you can see I really outlined
how to submit videos for
player certification.
But this is something that's good to keep
in mind now that your starting players and
congratulations for getting this far.