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Jazz Guitar Lessons: The 6 Positions: Playthrough

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The 6 Positions: Playthrough.
So on the last exercise I was
playing the F scale all the way
across the neck of the guitar.
And apparently I was
talking the entire time.
And I want you to be able to play
along with me without having
to hear my annoying voice.
So we're gonna do the same concept and
I, I do wanna point out that this is
important to the improvising that we'll
be getting into as the course develops.
It's not just an exercise
it is actually very
important when you find yourself
in a certain tonality, and
you find yourself in part of the neck
to be as familiar, familiar as possible
with the notes and whatever scale
you're using at that moment.
So if I'm playing a song,
where it's F major 7.
I'm in a different position on
the neck than I normally would be.
In each
of those areas
of the neck.
I'm able to access the notes I
need in that key improvising
in that tonal center,
in the F tonal center.
Now, we'll get more into how you utilize
those notes and how you set them up and
divide them up as we get going.
But there is an improvising reason for
knowing all these 6 positions,
and the importance of
knowing them across the neck.
Now here it comes, without any talking.
Now that
this in
F of
the idea
is to
do it in
each and
key so
that you
all the
keys in
all the
That is gonna give you an encyclopedic
knowledge of the neck,
which is gonna help you
in your improvising.
So of course we just don't do this in F.
Please, on your own try
different keys and, and
please share your experiences
of doing it and what you find.
Send me an exchange if you
have any questions about it.
I look forward to talking to
you more about it in detail.