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Jazz Guitar Lessons: Improvising with 7th Chord Arpeggios

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Improvising with 7th Chord Arpeggios.
So let's take a little ride with some
of these arpeggio's that we just learned.
It is a lot of technical and physical
stuff to, to get under your fingers.
But the important thing is to remember
that we're gonna use it in improvising
in playing jazz guitar.
So we're gonna take a track
a really cool little track
based on the song Blue Bossa by
the great trumpet player Kenny Dorham.
And I'm gonna be playing these
arpeggios through the changes.
Remember to be looking at the chord sheet,
so you can see.
What the cords are and see the arpeggios
I'm applying to those cords as I do it.
And, and playing along with it too.
I'm going to try to keep it pretty
simple and still at the same time,
try to make it sound like music,
try to make it musical.
So here we go.
Here's Blue Basso with 7th note arpeggios.
Now I urge you to try
to do this yourself and
try to move in as many ways
as you you can and
I'm gonna do it one more time.
And this time, instead of always
going up the arpeggio like that,
I'm gonna switch it up and.
And combine it with some maybe descend
a little bit more, a start on the top and
go down and switch it up.
I want you to try that yourself.
So let's do it.
I'm just make a,
a slightly fancier version of that.
Let's do it one more time,
this is Blue Bossa with the arpeggios.
Hope you come up with some great stuff.
Don't forget to send them
in if you have questions or
you just want to show
me what you're doing.