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Jazz Guitar Lessons: Constructing Arpeggios: Minor 7th

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Constructing Arpeggios: Minor 7th.
Next one up, minor 7th.
Now in the same way that we altered
one note from the major 7th
arpeggio to create the dominant.
This time we're gonna cr, alter two
notes to create the minor 7th chord.
In this case, we're gonna lower the 7th,
just like we did in the dominant chord.
That's gonna stay a, a minor 7th.
But we have to make it a minor chord, too.
It's a minor chord.
So what do we lower?
The 3rd.
You guessed it,
I could hear all of you say that.
So the let's,
let's just to move it around a little bit,
let's make pick a new key,
let's do it in B flat,
our blues has been in B flat,
let's do it in that key just to refresh.
Major 7th arpeggio, we lower the 7th.
Now I said we gotta lower the 3rd.
We're gonna lower the 3rd on this note.
Now I'm gonna take it up two octaves.
And that's your minor 7th arpeggio.
So that's one, minor 3rd, 5 minor 7th,
one, minor 3rd, 5, minor 7th,
1, minor 7th, 5, minor 3rd, 1,
minor 7th, 5, minor 3rd, 1.
So this is almo,
almost looks like a pentatonic scale.
If you added one more note,
you'd have a pentatonic scale.
But that's a minor 7th arpeggio.
Hugely important in jazz improvisation.
And we'll get into using
it to do that very soon.
First let's go through the six positions.
I'm play them nice and slow.
You, please check the the diagram for
the fingering and play along with me.
One more time.
Now we're gonna do it with our pinky.
That one creates, it has this little thing
where you have to roll your pinky over.
Be aware of that.
You just try to lift it up as you
go from one string to the other so
it's not ringing too much.
One more time on that one.
Now let's run up to the B flat up here
on the way on up the eleventh fret.
That's a Spinal Tap reference I realize.
It's on eleven.
Okay so up here.
Let's just refresh out memories
what we're doing here.
We're coming from the major 7 arpeggio.
Which by now you've practiced for
hours and hours and
have it completely under your fingers.
And then we went to dominant,
we lowered the 7th.
And now we're lowering the 3rd,
the basically the dominant chord but
lowering the 3rd and
then it becomes a minor 7th chord,
and that's what we're working on now.
You know as we go up to
the fifth string position,
the B flat up there,
it ends up very, very high.
And I want you to be able to comfortably
get your fingers in position.
I'm just gonna move back a couple of
frets to A flat and we'll do it on the,
right there on,
on the A flat on the eleventh fret.
Let's put it together.
Check the chart and the diagram and
make sure you have the fingering right and
here we go.
And once more.
We'll move right to the second
finger version of that.
On the fifth string,
right here on the eleventh fret.
Only up to the fifth and then back down.
And the pinky version.
And that's your minor 7th arpeggio.