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Jazz Guitar Lessons: Introduction to Improvisation

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So, that's a lot of technique, and you
know, technical information that we've had to take in
about all the six positions and, and playing middle
C across the neck and all those different concepts.
And I don't wanna forget that we're here to play
jazz, I wanna, I wanna get into it right away
so, lets start using some of these things to improvise
cuz that's why we're here, we wanna improvise jazz guitar.
Later on we're gonna discuss the modes am sure everybody`s heard about
the modes and, and we'll get way into them in a little while.
But what some people don't think of, is that
actually the major scale is the first of the mode.
It's called the Ionian mode starting on, on the,
the, the root chord of, of the major sequence.
So, what we're going to do is we're going to take those
six Ionian scales, the major scales that we learned in the six positions.
And I'm gonna, I've created a play along track which is just basically, one
major seven, four major seven, back and
forth, kinda like the old young rascals tune.
You know, but we're, we're gonna, we're gonna take that and we're gonna use the
six positions to improvise, to play jazz on top of the simple chord progression.
So this is going to be in F, since that's where
we started our study of the six positions across the neck.
And, it's gonna be F major seven, to B flat major seven, back and forth.
There should be diagrams, of those chords on, on the site.
I'd love to hear what you do with this.
So I'm gonna give it a try myself and then, the play along
will be on the site, and loopable for you to play along as well.
Here it goes, the Ionian, mode.
>> A one, two, a one, two, three.
>> We go up the position.