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Jazz Guitar Lessons: Bebop Licks

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Bebop Licks.
Now here's another Bebop
lick that's fairly common,
and this one has a little
bit more of a scalular
quality to it rather than
the arpeggio based one.
This one again is based on 3-5-7 of 2.
Okay, very standard jazz progressions.
It's part of a lot of songs.
And this time, I'm gonna start on the,
on the fifth of the, of the scale,
which is the third of the 3 chord.
Starting up on D.
I'm doing a little scale fragment.
Going up.
Straight up and skipping one note.
And then
I'm gonna change to the juicy note.
On the 5, 7, of 2 chord,
that's the note that's not in the key.
That's G sharp.
'Cause we have an E7.
A dominant 7.
Going to the A minor, right?
And at this point,
I'm gonna throw in an altered tension.
I'm gonna use the Flat 9 on this chord,
very common.
So, on the 3-5-7 of 2,
I'm making it a, a flat 9 chord.
I'm taking the 9, making it a flat 9,
right there.
A minor 7, and then same thing on the D7.
We're gonna make it a flat 9 chord.
Get a very nice line leading down
that way.
And the lick going through that,
every time I get to
instead of the 9th,
I'm gonna make it a flat 9,
listen to this.
It almost has that harmonic sound.
Right from the harmonic minor scale.
[SOUND] I put the flat 9 there too.
Okay, so let me play that a few times.
Play along with me.
Really outlines that shape going down.
You've got no doubt in your mind,
where you're headed.
And one more time.
And you can do that in different places.
Remember, always try to play
it in different positions.
Now where's another spot?
So that's another Bebop, quote-unquote,
lick that you can throw in.
And you can use it on any 2, 5 you want.
It depends on what key you're in or
what part of the progression
you're going through.
But it's a very juicy little sound.
I'll add one little thing to that.
that can be a nice addition to that.
Just put a little turn.
Between the juicy new note.
Hammering it on.
I'll do that slowly,
so you can play along with me.
You can see I'm doing a little shift
each time I go to the next chord.
Give that a try and
add it to your arsenal.
We'll be adding them all the time.