About Us

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Our Vision:

Provide the solution to one sided online learning experience. Give quality feedback and guidance to learners of all levels and experience in the field of music and beyond. All visually taught subjects can be learned using Video Exchange Learning.

Our Team:

We provide full service Customer Support and Tech Support for our online learners. Whether someone has a problem seeing a Video Response from a teacher or their credit card has expired, our Customer Support responds within 24 hours.

Our Technology Team’s first priority is for the needs of a quality online learning experience. Since we have learners of all ages and experiences, our sites have to be easy to use and intuitive. Our goal is to have the technology improve the student’s education, not confuse it.

Our Online Learning Sites:

Inside each Video Exchange Learning site, students learning online have access to an unparalleled course of online lessons that guide students from the fundamentals to advanced techniques. In addition, Video Exchange Learning allows online learners to upload a video to their instructor and receive video responses with guidance and assignments in return. To further support the online learning experience, many study materials like online practice charts, transcriptions, play along tracks, music theory and notation are available. The online learning communities enhance the study process by allowing active sharing of videos, photos, blogging and chat.

Our Instructors:

ArtistWorks partners with experienced instructors whose goal is to leap beyond the in-person lessons they’ve been teaching for years into the most innovative online learning platform available today: Video Exchange™ Learning. All teachers make extensive use of this innovation by providing Video Responses to each student’s video submission to them. This requires a depth of knowledge that only comes from being an experienced performer and artist.

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Our Online Lessons:

We offer online lessons in acoustic guitar, electric guitar, jazz improv/gypsy guitar, fingerstyle solo guitar, mandolin, fiddle, mandolin, Dobro, acoustic bass, harmonica, jazz/fusion drums, percussion, DJ scratching, classical piano, violin, flute, clarinet, French horn, trumpet, vocals, drawing, and banjo. Each video lesson is offered with multiple angles for optimal online learning. Often, slow motion lessons are also available where appropriate. Study Materials accompany many lessons.

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Our Technology: Find out more about Video Exchange™

Our History:

ArtistWorks was founded in 2008 by David and Patricia Butler to revolutionize the way the world teaches and learns music. From their headquarters in Napa California, ArtistWorks has launched 24 online learning sites, each utilizing the Video Exchange Learning™ method.

Our Founders:

David Butler, Chairman ArtistWorks, Inc

Born in Memphis, Tennessee and possessed at an early age with an interest in music and a talent for computers, David graduated from the University of Maryland in 1980 with a degree in Computer Science. After a diverse career in computers and technology that included satellite ground tracking stations and ocean floor mapping, in 1988 David joined Quantum Computer Services, later to be known as AOL. Leading a small team of programmers, David and his team wrote the original AOL 1.0 software. An eleven-year AOL career culminated in him becoming the VP of Technology and Strategy for the Technology Division.



In 1999, David left AOL to pursue other interests, including philanthropy and serious jazz guitar studies. While studying jazz guitar, David wondered if there wasn't a way to offer a complete guitar instructional method to the world via the Internet. This led to the creation of the ArtistWorks teaching platform which unified David's technology and strategic ideas into an Internet-based teaching platform and online business. Infused with David's ideas and technology, ArtistWorks instructional websites are now the destination of choice for many hundreds of music students from over 50 countries. David has now standardized the online teaching platform, and created ArtistWorks, Inc. where he is CEO, to take his business concept and online learning approach to multiple artists and experts around the world. Current artists include Martin Taylor (fingerstyle, solo guitar), Paul Gilbert (rock guitar), Tony Trischka (banjo), Howard Levy (harmonica), DJ Qbert (scratching), Andreas Oberg (jazz and gypsy guitar), Nathan East (bass guitar), John Patitucci (jazz bass), Christie Peery-Skousen (classical piano), Bryan Sutton (flat pick guitar), Mike Marshall (mandolin), Darol Anger (fiddle), Missy Raines (double bass), Andy Hall (Dobro), Jeannie Deva (vocals), Justin BUA (art), Scott Law (free acoustic guitar lessons), and Luis Conte (Latin Percussion). In July of 2008, David filed for a US patent for core inventions at the heart of the ArtistWorks Video Management System.

Patricia Butler, CEO ArtistWorks, Inc

Born and raised in DuBois, Pennsylvania, Patricia earned a Bachelor's Degree from Pennsylvania State University in 1983. Working in the investment management field while continuing her flute studies with the late Julius Baker, Patricia rose to Assistant VP of Private Client Services at Merrill Lynch, a position she held until 1996. Patricia created the ArtistWorks business and financial model in 2008 and is the CEO of the company. Patricia's achievements today also include her accomplishments in the area of wine studies and viticulture. She received her Diploma with Merit from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust in London and is now enrolled in the prestigious Institute of Masters of Wine. She is a grower and vintner of Cabernet Franc in Napa California.