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A few days ago I watched a video exchange of the song House of the Rising Sun and now I can't find it. Please advise how to find it - thanks

Peter Erskine, our Jazz Drums instructor, is live on Facebook now:

@Happyturtle your video is waiting for Darol's review now, so it was submitted successfully. Sorry for the confusion about the text box, it's best to type the message before clicking "Start upload" to avoid that happening

The issues with the recent Video Exchanges is now resolved, but please let us know if you're seeing otherwise. .

I see that there is a problem with the VE. Yesterday I posted my first video but the web page disappeared before I was done typing - can you check to see if it is ok because I don't see it anywhere. Thank you - Elizabeth

There is an issue with the most recent VEs, but we will fix this! Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime

I can't access mine either. Tried on three different devices and multiple browsers. Something is definitely up!

Hmmm can’t seem to access my VE- it says “Fly Me Toonward” & theresno video?

How about "Squirrelhead Thunder"

“Porch Pickers” ( or dreamers)

Hi ya'all I'm looking for a Name for new oldtime Band. We have "Curly Racoon Ramblers" so far. Your Ideas are very welcome. Thanks

Jmc353 - uploads should be working again. Give it a try and contact Customer Service if you continue to have trouble.

Hey Jmc353, we're looking into this issue and hope to have a resolution soon We'll let you know as soon as it's working again!

I am trying to upload a video and getting a file too large message. It’s just 5 minutes. Then I cut it to 3 minutes and got the same message. Any suggestions?

Darol,where’d you get the backing track to Misty in G?
Jan, I got that track from an app called iReal, it's just the chords from many of the RealBooks, and it will just play back for you. You can set the speed and key to whatever. I works on your phone. Maybe on your computer too, I don't know.

Anyone wanting to see dots and bowings for the Blues piece in March's Greeting Video, you can find it here:

Hi Darol,
Thank you for the quick response. I appreciate the expert advice. I’ll keep you posted.
Susan Judd

Hi Susan! My top recomendation for an inexpensive yet excellent acoustic 5-string is either the London or the Dahlia models by AES , based in Minneapolis. Great price, great sound, both acoustic and electric. Can't beat 'em. If you need a super-loud rock electric violin, you might try a solid-body such as the new Yamahas, very nice.

Hello fellow musicians,
I’m looking to buy a five string fiddle . Has anyone purchased the realistic RV 5E. Or the Snow 5 - 200 series need feedback.

Hi folks- I'm back, and did a bunch of Video Responses, only to fid that the storage medium got corrupted and I can't put them up! Very sorry, I'kll have to do them allagain today on a new card.

Darol i want to work on my sound. Any suggestions on a few tunes i can use? Thx and have funout west!

Hi All! We will be hosting an ArtistWorks Live event with Electric Country Guitar instructor, Guthrie Trapp, a week from today! Tune in next Monday (3/5) at noon PST for a chance to win 3 free months at ArtistWorks!

Hey fiddlers! (I especially want Darol to see this) My former fiddle teacher, Patrick McAvinue, is doing this thing where he posts a fiddle tune video every day of the year for 2018. I think its super cool, and me and a friend of mine, (who also was a student of Patrick's) Katelynn Casper, got to be on one of these "Daily Diddles" last weekend, so I thought I'd share! Here's us all playing Cherokee Shuffle!

HaHa no fiddle but FUN! Marty Grosz 1995 - All God's Children Got Swing

R.I.P. Didier Lockwood

Hey Simon, we're not seeing any videos from you waiting for Darol. Not sure what happened, but please try submitting it again, and please email us if you don't see a message saying it went through. We'll get this to work!

Hi Darol Simon Watts here. I sent a video to you 3 weeks ago of our jam at sunshine fiddle camp just wondering if you have received it yet? I sent through advanced fiddle lessons. Cheers.

We're encouraging all students to cash in on free time here at ArtistWorks. Refer a friend to AW and you BOTH get a free month studying music in an awesome online community. A month!

Hey natehynum. I'm not quite sure what you mean. If you're having a technical problem it's best to open a ticket with customer service using the tab at the bottom of any page. The shout box is not the best area for troubleshooting.

im confused, did my VE get mixed up with david 29485??

Darol- Thanks! So cool- so many ideas! Wow.

Hey folks-- Going out West next week! Playing shows in Caifornia and Washington State-- I hope I see some of you folks at Winterrass!

Hi Darol, thanks for your comments on Temperance Reel! I should have mentioned, the version I'm playing is by Andy Leftwich on an album by Jim Mills called Hide Head Blues:

Hey folks-- if you are missing information from one of those Video Blogs of mine, they are still all on the site. look below the lower left-hand corner of the video screen and you will see the "VIDEO MESSAGE ARCHIVE" it goes back like 7 years!

Olivia, I just uploadedyour VR also. Sometimes it take me a few days to get to all the submissions-- teaching and travel.

Hi Angie- everything is copacetic. got a VR in the pipeline for ya.

Thanks for the practice plans - I was in need of a new routine!

Hi Darol, just sent a video of me doing Temperance Reel and somehow accidentally uploaded two copies, one of which has no picture. Hopefully the correct one will make its way to you!

Hi Darol ! This is Olivia Lindquist from North Carolina . I have tried submitting a video a couple of time and I'm just making sure that it went through.

So excited about the iconic Bluegrass solos! Excellent idea!

I've been thinking about doing a 5 string feauture for a while now-- I'm assembling information and ideas from my old website devoted to the 5 -string..

Hi Darol,I notice you play both a 4 string and 5 string violin. At one point I was thinking about getting a 5 string but was told they are hard to get used to. Do you think you could do a lesson covering both and practice techniques to become good on the 5 string when you have the 4 string background?Thanks.Elizabeth

Found lyrics- it’s about love, go figure!

Brenton! Wow I love love love your song Dayan Gallan! The arrangement & instrumentation is beautiful! I’d love to know what the words mean. Really love Indian music!

Hey guys! Do check out our unique arrangement of a Bollywood song "Dil Diyan Gallan" in which we incorporated instruments like the Indian flute, the violin, guitar along with Hindustani Vocals. Do give it a listen! We'd appreciate any feedback!

Hey Darol! You taught me a tune at a fiddle camp years ago. Scandinavian, maybe titled Dragon Ship, or similar. Ring any bells? Have any sheet music or links to where you learned it? Thanks!

Hey Darol! Welcome back from the land down under... Love your suggestions on Drowsie Maggie! Thanks so much! I'll give it try and send another video soon! Mary :)

If you have limited time to practice, or just want to get organized, I have some suggested Practice Plans available which you can download and make your own.

Here's the reason I teach the tune Rubber Dolly! this URL takes us to a great moment in time when my Republic Of Strings band met the great Vassar Clements, and we all played the first tune he ever learned. You'll hear Vassar, myself, Artistworks Guitar Professor Brian Sutton, Brittany Haas, and cellist Rushad Eggleston, all working out on this good old tune.

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