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Wow Darol you play Grigsby great! I see I left out a part in that lower part of song- always something to work on!!

Thanks for sharing your tips on Buffalo Gals - as it happens I've never learned this one - might be time to give it a whirl...

hey folks-- happy holiday season, and new participants, welcome! Be sure, if you are a beginning player, to check out the interview with Lauren Rioux in the Music+ section of the Lessons area.

Hi everybody. I've been playing fiddle since 1982. I'm pretty much completely self taught so I have years worth of bad habits to undo. I've been a member since July through the monthly special that was offered to try out Darol's fiddle school. I considered myself a fairly advanced player but have come to realize based on the lesson content that I actually fall somewhere in the intermediate range even after years of playing and am actually practicing beginner exercises to correct mistakes I've been making for years. I urge all beginners to make sure they put in the time needed to master the basics so that they get a firm foundation in their playing and don't have to relearn after years of playing. I have upgraded to the yearly plan after trying out the fiddle school for a few months and am excited about the depth of the course material being offered, already seeing a benefit to my playing.

So excited to get started here so far my cat hates my playing!

Hello All, I'm a banjo player in Tony Trischkas school for almost three years and started to learn the fiddle almost three month ago from zero. Hope my session friends wont suffer too much soon.. :-)

Hello all, I'm a bassist by trade and a first year orchestra teacher with working knowledge of beginner violin. I'm looking to expand my playing to help me play songs that will legitimize me to my violin students, but fiddle style is my favorite. Any suggestions as to where to start in the lesson videos would be great! Thanks

Hi everyone! I just join in and hope I will have a good time here. Vivian

Just signed up for lessons. I'm thrilled to do this. I hope you all were able to get through the fire without too much damage. I lived in Ukiah for about five years and SF for 15 yrs. So sad that so many folks were affected. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and were able to have some semblance of gathering yourselves together despite the horror and hardship. I hope that membership assists you in some positive way. Charlton

Darol Anger, Thanks for all of the lessons. Just a quick note that I will be taking a break from Artist Works and your lessons for a few months. I will be studying with Tyler Lienhardt at 317 Main Street for four months and then with Hellen White and Wayne Henderson after that. At which point I will return. Respectfully HL Willis

Hey Darol. I just submitted my first video on Sunday, and haven't seen a response video yet? Not sure if I did something worng, or if you just haven't responded to me yet?

Bobsat, I just emailed you.

Anyone else having this problem?- When I try to take the Music Theory Quizzes only the multiple choice options appear, not the questions. I've followed AW's advice and installed the latest version of chrome, cleared my cache, and rebooted. Still no luck- other suggestions are welcome.

Darol, I have not heard from you for quite some time. Is there something I did wrong or are you waiting for something. Any info would be helpful.

hold apple key(command) down and hit r for least I think this looks new so try it

.Where is the refresh button on my i pad lap top. I don't think I have one. And if I don't you have just terminated a student

We've launched a new navigation menu today! To see the new look, you need to hold down a key while clicking on the refresh icon in your browser. You can do either SHIFT+refresh or CTRL+refresh. Hope you like the new look!

Friday I’ll definitely be at the One Tune 5 Stlyles meeting. Saturday nite there are 2 bluegrass jams. One at 9:30 pm and another at 11. I’ll be at both.

Hi All , Is anyone planning on going to Fiddle Hell Nov 3-5 in Westford Mass. If so I’d be pleased to meet you.

What's the best E string for a warm tone without harsh sounds?

Oh boy!

Hello Folks! Just joining, and bound and determined to shuffle comfortably without thinking with better bow control.

Hi Darol! Thanks for all your useful comments on Denver Belle. Lots of great stuff to think about - using the fingers to control/accent the bow, left hand balance, etc... Will definitely take your comments on board and will get another video to you soon! Bluegrass in the Backwoods, here we come!

Hey Darol! I just watched the 1st of your response, AW isn't letting upload a second video for some reason, it's saying I still have a video waiting to be viewed by you. OK IAN this is DA again- The page here shows that part 1 has been uploaded, I see it, so maybe I'll try uploading part 2. So far, it's worked... in fact we have 2 part 1s up, and one part 2.

Michigan is cool!

bow circles! Maybe this is the key to help me have less "jerky" bowing! thanks. Question is when to incorporate it in the tune?

Very excited about circular bowing!

Hey Darol, thanks so much for the feedback! Given me some great stuff to think about. Will get another video to you soon (maybe in a slightly less cramped environment)!

Wow! Hey, thanks for the great lesson Darol. I was just about to send a video of me playing Kitchen Girl, but it looks like I could spend the rest of my life to work on Twinkle Twinkle. Your tips on string crossing, apreggios, and right hand fulcrum points are exactly what I need. I also think its cool that you realize Ames Iowa really is the center of the (my) universe. Nothing like a bit of philosophical wisdom to spice up those bowing exercises. Thanks for taking the time to share your talents with us.

Hey Darol, Thanks for your response to my first video. I'm not sure if you had anything of critical importance, as in a particular song to practice for my next submission because it cut off right at the end. If not, I've been working on Rubber Dolly and will work on those exercises you mentioned. Thanks!

Hey fiddlers! If you missed those very cool jam sessions in the "greetings" video window, just click on "video message archive" right below the screen there and you can catch me and Joe D'Esposito, or me and Brittany Haas.

hey folks! very close to getting these VSsses responded to. See you soon! -DA

accidently uploaded the same file twice.

Hi Darol! i think i hit the send button too soon on my submission for you are my sunshine! Whoops!!


LOVE that music of u & Joe!

Beaumont Rag

Darol. I have 3 videos with sound. So you should now have some good examples where I need to work.Sound quality is my goal.

Darol I sent a video that should have sound. Scales. Can I only send one video a day.

Whoa! You & Britainy sound fantastic!!

Hey folks I will be back in wi-fi range after today, Wed the 12


ok figured it out...

Can't upload iphone vid onto student page- says it needs reformatted. Any suggestions?



fiddle backup

Artistworks_support You can delete that no Sound video please. Thanks

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