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Fiddle Lessons: "Rubber Dolly"

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All right,
we're gonna do another huge, monster,
evergreen hit at all the fiddle contests.
You've heard everybody playing this.
It's called "Rubber Dolly", and it's been
around for a long time.
My mommy bought me a rubber dolly to
something something, something something.
It happens to also be the very first tune
that the great bluegrass fiddler Vassar
Clements ever learned.
So, it has a lot of sentimental value for
We are going to be using three strings for
This tune is in the key of A, we're gonna
be starting on the A string.
We're going to be playing a little bit of
a scale starting on our second finger.
And then going to the D String,
switching, remember, we're bringing our
arm up.
Again, and then we go to the E string for
the next one.
So we start on the A string.
And you'll notice that we're playing the
same notes but up, backwards.
To the E string.
And then back down to the A string.
So it's like that.
We are also going to, start with an upbow.
So we're going to put our bow way in the
Position the bow right here.
Start it right around here, somewhere.
And then we're going to start as an up.
So we go.
Second finger.
Right so it's like up up down up down up.
And then the second time we're starting a
different bow.
It starts as a down bow.
then we use our first finger instead of
our second finger.
then we come back and then we go up again.
From the open strings.
To the open E string and then.
Now when we repeat, this is only half a
We're actually playing almost the exact
same thing.
The only thing that's different is the
very last two notes.
So, again.
Right, that's all the same, and
then we come down.
An open string
instead of our second finger.
So here we go with the slow version of
Rubber Dolly complete in, in its entirety.
One, two, three.
Okay now, we're going to play Rubber Dolly
a little faster but everything the same,
all right?
So, we're gonna, wait, wait for our little
One, two, three.