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Fiddle Lessons: "Way Downtown"

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All right, so, we're going to now play a
great bluegrass classic, Way Downtown.
I first heard Doc Watson playing and
singing this tune.
It's a great song about misbehaving, which
is a big part of bluegrass music.
Although nobody here management does not
recommend actual misbehavior.
We only recommend singing and playing
about it.
So, for Way Down Town we're going to be
using the bottom two strings.
We're going to be using the G string.
We have not hit the G string yet.
Everybody find your G string.
Again we're going to make sure that our
elbow is, is nice and, nice and high.
We're making that box with our arm.
All right.
So, we're gonna not start on the G, on the
open G string though, we're gonna be
starting on the C string, and we're going
to play some different length notes.
We're gonna, we're gonna go.
Way downtown, fooling around.
They took me to the jail.
Oh me and it's oh, oh my.
Ain't no one to go my bail.
So we might want to sing it first.
It's great words, great words.
Way downtown, fooling around.
They took me to the jail.
Oh me, and it's oh my.
Ain't no one to go my bail.
And that is a quintessential Amer,
American experience which is to be avoided
at all costs.
But it's great to sing about.
So let's play Way Downtown.
We're gonna go through that again.
We're starting with our third finger on
the G string.
Way Downtown, and
then going on over to the D string.
So we have that little pause there.
There's a lot of different ways
you can do it.
But basically you're playing two notes on
the D string and then another note on the
D string and then going to the G string.
So it's E, D, D, B, the B note there.
And then you'll go back up.
that's different, that's a little bit of a
second and first finger.
We're, we're putting the second finger
down and our first finger right behind it,
holding them both down, you can see on my
left hand that both of my fingers
are down and then I lift off my second
So ev, everybody try that.
One more time.
So you, you can see that's tight.
We're going to be going back and forth
between the tight second finger and
the high second finger.
Those of you that have had some Suzuki
experience know that this is called high
two and low two.
Obviously the high two is this.
The low two is that.
Then it's.
They take me.
And then pretty much the same thing.
Oh me and it's oh, oh my.
Ain't no one to go my bail.
Ain't no one to go my bail.
So it's the same exact notes, but
they're slightly different because of the
phrasing of the words.
So let's go over the words one more time.
Starting on this C note.
Way, way is a C note.
Way downtown, fooling around,
they took me to the jail.
It's oh, me and it's oh, my.
Ain't no one to go my bail.
And now I'll play it without a backing
We'll just keep notes, notes coming.
You know, we're gonna be playing some long
notes and some short notes.
And we wanna make sure that we keep the
long notes the right length
in comparison to the short notes.
So that's where, again, we're going to be
moving some part of our body.
Our foot, our heel.
Maybe just our leg.
To keep that feeling of rhythm going so
we don't make the long notes too short
because that's what usually happens.
Get these long notes, you know, oh,
Oh, I wanna get to the next thing.
Okay, we don't want that.
We wanna make sure, because when this
stuff speeds up,
we don't wanna be all over the place,
because then the guitar player gets mad,
and he packs up his instrument, and he
goes home.
And then you're left scratching your head
saying, who am I gonna jam with?
Okay, so here we go, way downtown in G.
One, two, three, four.
Two, three, four.
Two, three.