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Fiddle Lessons: Beginning Shuffles

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All right.
Well, now we're gonna get into some,
some of the things that make fiddling,
And I'm talking about the bow shuffle.
And the word shuffle means comes from
dancing, I think.
People shuffle along, they shuffle off to
There's just a feeling of motion.
And that's we're using the bow to get a
feeling of motion,
get people dancing, get people wanting to
move around.
So this involves shorter bows and we've
been doing it.
We've been doing the long bows,
getting used to just moving the bow back
and forth.
So, we're gonna just, start in the middle
of the bow here for
this, and we're gonna start with some,
just short bows.
Set up the metronome.
[NOISE] It's about 70.
So hearing two bows per click.
Let's get it kind of smooth.
That's a double.
So we're going along, staying with the
click, sub dividing the click,
and now we're gonna try to get a little
bit of dancey quality.
We're gonna get a little lilt and we're
You here that ba-ba-ta, ba-ba-ta,
ba-ba-ta, ba-ba-ta.
And now we're hitting the down stroke a
little harder.
We're gonna be practicing a lot of that,
getting that nice dancey rhythm.
This is the thing that's gonna make people
love, your fiddling.
And, and one of the things people love
about fiddling is this quality of being
able to get a nice, dancey rhythm.
So this is kind of the basic shuffle.
Just, down, up, down, up, down up.
then you get to the practice with the
metronome start.
You might even wanna start slower than
that, and then the,
another really great shuffle that we're
gonna be using in the next piece is
called the Georgia Shuffle, if you're from
And it's the Tennessee Shuffle if you're
from Tennessee, Kentucky Shuffle,
if you're from Kentucky.
But, most people know it as the Georgia
It's one long note followed by two short
So it's down, up down up, down up down.
So it turns itself inside out every other
So if we set that metronome up again.
So we can map this onto any melody.
So we might wanna even try playing our
Right with it,
just getting that nice rhythm with the
Georgia shuffle.