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Fiddle Lessons: One Tune to All Keys: "Blues On Gravel" in E

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Well, that
might sound
a little
bit familiar.
That was The Blues on Gravel.
Slightly different melody.
Different key.
We put it in the key of E for this portion
of the show.
And I'm gonna play it again a little
And I'd like you to learn it in this key
in this version.
We're gonna play it again.
And then.
All right.
So, what we wanna do is we wanna move that
all over the neck.
We wanna transpose that to every key.
Now, if we were gonna do it using
different finger that would be
one very large order, tall order.
But what I want you to do is I want you to
you to learn it with that finger, and then
I want you to move the fingering around.
I want you to move it up a half step, to
So we start.
Find the Fwith your first finger on the d
And so forth.
F sharp, same thing.
Move it up a half step.
Find that sharp with your second finger,
Then go right there,.
Same thing in G.
A flat.
You could even go down.
you can't get over to the next string so
you might wanna just do it up there.
Find A flat.
It's set.
And so forth.
And I want you to go all the way through I
want you to go everywhere,
from E, F, F sharp G, G sharp, A, to B
To B to C to D, D sharp.
And then of course, you're back in E.
You could try it in a different place,
even being in E.
not too concerned about whether it's
perfectly in tune right now.
It is the blues.
I just want you to get a sense of how
those relationships stay the same,
even with varying distances between the
All the relationships are absolutely the
same, I just want you to get comfortable.
It's, like, floating around the
Okay, I'm putting out a call for a video
from you.
You've learned The Blues on Gravel in E
position there.
I want to see a video of you playing Blues
on Gravel in E.
Then move it up a half step to F.
Then one time in F-sharp and one time in
Then move the whole thing over.
Play it in B flat,
in B, in and in D.
And that would be on the A and E strings.
And that gotta be enough.
Just one chorus of The Blues in Gravel.
Each, you're gonna be using the same
finger, just moving it around the neck.
Wanna see how you're doing with that, and
I'll give you some feedback on how that's
looking and sounding.