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Fiddle Lessons: Getting to and from Third Position

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we're doing all this shifting back and
forth, going up and down.
How can we work some of these, how, we,
are there some tricks that we can use to
work our shifting into the flow of the
tune, that's,
that's, there's some nice little tricks
that we can use, especially getting in and
out of third position and the key of A and
things like that, which is where you
find a lot of shifting going on anyway
with some of these fiddle tunes.
A tune like oh, Grey Eagle.
Something like that.
There's quite a bit of shifting.
Now we all ready looked at two parts of
Grey Eagle.
We had in arpeggios, we were doing all
And there's another part of Grey Eagle
that is beautiful where we do a lot of
shifting up and down.
And I'll play that for you right now.
One, two, a one, two, three.
So I'm going back and forth, back and
forth between first and third position.
And I'm using a lot of different ideas
Usually when you shift, you wanna be
playing an open string.
While you're shifting, and that's kind of
the general rule getting in and
out of third position or any position, it
always helps if you can
find an open string that you're playing,
and that's where you shift.
So if you play-
So we're playing the open E.
And then-
Right, so that's pretty simple,
that's pretty self-explanatory.
There's also ways to play a rundown-
We could actually drag our hand down.
that's not as reliable as doing something
like this-
Going over to the A string for
that F-sharp, then going back to the open
[SOUND] While we're playing the open E
[SOUND] shifting down, so it sounds like-
It's almost like
you see some of those a lot of banjo guys
doing this, playing an open string,
and then they shift down, and then like
that Tony Trischka guy.
So, that's a nice little trick.
Good, everybody try that.
One more time.
All right, and then up.
all these kinds of different ways of
Finding an open string, where you're
So let's go back and look at this
beautiful, extra part of Grey Eagle.
This is one of the prettiest parts of any
fiddle tune that I know of.
S, we've got that little run up-
And then, again.
And then that's where we shift on that E.
So it's-
Shift again.
Shift again.
And I'm going up and hitting that-
which is actually not really in third
position, but I can just go up and-
Because it's just a,
a little stretch and because of the
that's something that you might wanna just
isolate and practice.
There's a lot of ways to practice this.
you can't leave your fingers down while
you're playing this harmonic because
if you leave your fingers down-
No harmonic.
So it's a little bit of a dance there.
So once again, very slowly that whole,
entire part.
Two, one, two, three.
So that's beautiful example of going back
and forth doing that little shift thing.
Also talking about-
This is a good time I think to check in on
how your doing with all this shifting
And especially the, moving back and forth
between third position and first position.
So I'm gonna give you a choice of short
video, of sending in short video of you,
playing Old Joe Clark.
Going back and forth,
finding a place to go back and forth
between third position and first position.
In Old Joe Clark, there's one,
a nice possibility where you start in
third position-
And go back up, so.
Try something like that, you might have
another way of doing,
it might be really cool.
Or go ahead and play that beautiful
alternate first part of
Grey Eagle where you're going back,
shifting like that.
So yeah, let's have a look at that, see
how it's going, and
I'll give you some feedback.