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Fiddle Lessons: "Florida Blues"

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All right.
Here's a little bit of Florida Blues.
Just gonna, couple of little points about
this tune.
This particular version of the tune is
adapted from the great Vassar Clements,
who comes from Florida and, of course,
my intrepid accompanist Mike Marshall on
guitar is also from Florida.
So this is a very special Floridian moment
Couple of things about this tune we have
the double stops.
Using those six a lot in this tune.
We have one here.
Which spells out an A.
Spelling out an A with a loose six and
then the tight six up here.
And in the second part there's a little
bit of a.
A little throw, it's like a.
Where we slide our second finger up.
Like that and
then we come back down with our fourth
So we go.
And then.
So you can practice that very slow.
A few times,
just get comfortable with how that fits.
And then in the third part,
there's a fun little thing where we just
go up pretty much anywhere.
So we're starting with our fourth finger.
And while we're sliding down,
we're actually going through the fingers.
We're actually going.
Very similar to that other thing we did.
Except we're sliding down the neck while
we're doing it.
Ending with our first finger on
the F-Sharp.
And sliding it so we have a,
moving down and then coming up at the end.
Play that very slow.
That's very slow.
Sounds weird but if you play it fast.
It sounds like that.
Sort of like a Floridian cat.
So, we're gonna dedicate to this to
all the Floridian cats who made this tune
Here we are with Florida Blues, and we'll
play it slow, here.
One, two, three, four.