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Fiddle Lessons: Double Stops: "Dark Hollow" and "Whistlin' Rufus"

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here's a big handful of double stops that
we're gonna be using to back up,
play some backup lines for the tune Dark
And this is just a suggestion, but you can
download a PDF for
the music for all these notes, and try
them out.
Make some changes if you want but this is
a good way, good place to start.
So back up double stops.
With the tune dark hollow.
One, two, three.
Here's a great tune
that uses a lot of these sliding thirds,
double-stops we talked about.
you wanna be working on those a little bit
independent of the tune
That's a real important move and then.
Slide up.
So, yeah,
before you play the entire tune, work a
little bit on those double stops,
going back and forth
You can work one note at a time.
Before you
Before you put them together.
All right, so here's Whistlin Rufus.
One, two, three.
Well, that was a huge undertaking and
I think it would be cool for you to send
in a video of you playing one of these
tunes we've just gone through using double
stops to Florida Blues,
Farewell Blues, Dark Hollow, or fiddling
Whistling Rufus, fiddling Rufus.
You should fiddle it, not whistle.
But yeah, just play one of those tunes,
send it in.
Also, at the beginning or
the end I'd love to see you do those
standard bluegrass, I'd like to see.
And again on.
That's about all you'd really have to do.
Just to show me that your, you've worked a
little bit on that,
those particular double stops cuz they are
so important in bluegrass.
So, yeah, send something in, and we'll
work on it.