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Fiddle Lessons: Bluesy Bluegrass Phrasing

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Here's some,
kinda bluesy, bluegrass phrasing ideas.
I wanted to talk a little bit about,
some of these things that just sort of
as little finger almost like gestures.
You know, like all those little finger
motions that's happening again and
again when you're playing blue grass
One of my favorite ones, and it really
sort of nails the,
the vibe you know, of blue grass fiddle.
Is kind of surrounding, it's making kind
of a bluesy thing around
the third you're going up here's what it
sounds like.
Right, every time I play this.
I'm coming up to the third.
And then.
Going back down, it's sorta,
it slides up to major third like a blues.
And then go up, and when we go back to
that note.
It's lower.
It's like a, almost like a minor note but
you don't hear it as a minor note.
You'll just hear it as the bluesy kind of
that's a really great sort of habit to
It's just playing.
I will,
I'll play a couple of these and I want you
to just echo me.
And then I'm gonna play an actual tune
with all of these licks in it.
And it would be cool,
I think you could get a lot out of it if
you learned the tune.
But I'm just gonna play this here.
Just gonna play all these licks that have
that same form.
Here we go.
So that was pretty much using every common
finger combination for that kind of lick.
So we're gonna do a tune called
lickeriffic bluegrass style.
Which just is filled with these licks,
just to get you into the habit of playing
this way.
So here we have lickerifics bluegrass
[SOUND] One, two, three, go.