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Fiddle Lessons: “Banks of the Ohio”

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All right well,
how about Banks of the Ohio, there's a
good number.
That's interesting, interesting number,
it's one of those great murder ballads and
it's definitely got some interesting
viewpoints in the song.
It's actually the guy, right?
The guy singing it who
>> Yeah.
>> Did all the murdering and everything,
>> Yeah.
>> Yeah, what are we, I mean, how does
that, how do you approach that,
singing a song like that?
>> Well,
one thing is just to know kinda what,
what, how the story's gonna unfold.
And that's a tune where the story
definitely takes a little while to unfold,
cuz it's a little serene in the beginning,
and then things turn bad.
>> Yeah, kinda-
>> Real bad.
>> Kinda quick too.
>> And and what's really interesting is
the, that the, the guys' tone, it never
really changes.
He's just like always kind of I watched
her as she floated down.
There's kind of this beautiful quality,
that melody, and
it's just, it's just goes along, so
there's this
weird kind of psychological disconnect,
kind of Hitchcock thing going on.
It's very it's funny, it's a great song to
play and
sing because it's just so weird, you know,
the old weird America thing.
So it's fun to play this Scott and I
thought that we'd might
do a thing where I would back up Scott on
his vocal and then I would play a solo.
And then I'll back up Scott again and play
a solo.
And definitely for this kind of thing, I
think there's a lot of little.
Ba da ba da ba da.
So you can kind of evolve these little
answers that are kind of the same and
you might hear me sort of going.
Ba da ba da ba da ba da.
Making little, little melodies in between
Scott's thing, and
then I'll kinda turn that back inside out
and play the melody.
In the, in the positive sections, for the
fiddle anyway.
So let's try this.
A little bit of Banks of the Ohio and this
is gonna be in E.
And so here we go.
One, two, three.
Darling say that you'll be mine,
In our home we'll happy be.
Down beside where the waters
flow on the banks of the Ohio.