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Fiddle Lessons: “California Blues”

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Here's another great backup idea.
If we have like a blues or any kind of
piece that has
a lot of same chord going on we can like.
Put in these little riffs.
You know, the rift thing where we're just
making up a little riff,
and it works great over bluesy stuff like
You don't even have to play like super
clear on these stuff.
As long as you're kind of suggesting
because a lot of times this isn't in
the foreground.
You want to sit, sort of blend, sort of
disappear in the background and
just be part of the general driviness, you
almost don't want people to notice it,
it's an actual [INAUDIBLE] right?
>> Yeah.
>> You just want it to be, this kind of
texture, this like, making people go yeah,
yeah, yeah, kind of, that kind of thing.
So you could start with something kinda
And then as you do your shuffle.
[INAUDIBLE] This is the very first shuffle
we've learned.
I'm kind of leaning on the, one the back
beat then.
So, I'm, I'm not, hardly even playing on
the front beat, so then, one, two, a 1,
2, 3, 4.
Something like that.
And you could do that in A.
Yeah, cool.
So, that kinda thing, you could do these
little riffs, or
you could just go back and forth between
one and four.
And that's a great kind of a little
I call it toggling, coz like a toggle
switch, like off, on, off, on.
Going back and forth, between the one.
Like that, so you could you go.
And you can do that over the blues.
One, a two, a 1, 2, 3, and.
Something like that would be very cool.
So you're just kinda playing around.
When I got to the folk chord, I just went
And played that.
B flat.
You know, to give it that seventh feeling.
And gets to seventh.
I guess, it's F.
Yeah, you could even make that into a,
even more of a riff by going.
You can change it for the five cord,
because the five cord is the big moment of
tension anyway, makes it a little special.
And, you know, play around with the rhythm
a little more, and
then you're coming back down to the one.
That's kind of a nice thing to do.
And there's all kinds of ways.
You don't have to do it as thirds, you
could do it as sixths.
Let's see, how could you this?
You could do this.
So, you could do that, those kind of.
Oh, yeah, cool.
So, all kinds of little, licky, kind of
kind of toggling back and forth, kind of
I'd love to see actually you guys come up
with a little favorite pattern.
Something like that where you just kind of
toggle back and forth on a seventh chord.
Maybe a G7, or an E7, or an A7, or a D.
Any cool little riffs like that, that
really kinda,
kinda set in, you know, to to a one chord
or a blues, or some, something like that.
We could get a little riff club going,
where everybody kind of contributes these
cool little riffs,
maybe just like, put them all together and
we have our riff bank.
So yeah!
Send in your riffs, and we'll we'll get a
big stack of them and, and
we can just like go through them and have
some fun trade them around.
Trade them with your friends.
Collect and trade.
Just like, like riff cards or something
like that.