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Fiddle Lessons: Introduction to Basic Fiddle

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Hi, I'm Darol and
welcome to level one of the fiddling
So I'm thinking that you may know, you
know, know some stuff about fiddling.
This might be your first entry into the
the school,
but even if you feel that your an advanced
player, or an intermediate player.
I think it would be really good for you to
check out the first level, and
just see what's going on here.
There's always things that we can review.
And there is always ideas that you might
have missed in your training.
Or different ways to think about very
basic ideas about playing.
Also it's gonna help us get in sync our
all our ways of talking about music, and
fiddling, and things like that.
So you might just wanna take a quick look
through all
the lessons that are happening in the
first part,
and you might find yourself just picking
up a few little things.
And if you are a beginner, this is the
place to start, obviously.
And we're gonna keep continuously adding
all kinds of beginner level kinds of
and, and things that are gonna get you
through the the sometimes
daunting experience of learning to play
the fiddle.
Don't be afraid to take advantage of
submitting the videos.
In fact, if you're unsure of where to
start, whether you might
be a late beginner, earlier beginner,
early intermediate, late intermediate.
You could actually submit a video which I
would evaluate and let you know
where you would best fit in, you know,
where you could start with these lessons.
And that's possible to do.
It's a placement video, that you wanna
make, and there's a drop-down menu,
where you'll find how to do that, and
where to submit it.