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Fiddle Lessons: More Thoughts on Bowing

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A little bit of bowing review here this
is always good it never, we never get
tired of this kind of stuff and
we're working on this bowing thing, I just
wanna run a long bow on the G string here.
Everybody, and anybody who's listening in,
you're watching this obviously you're
watching this beacuse you know, [LAUGH]
here we are.
So I just wanna get the bow going out and
feel, feel like a big, long breath is
So we start up here right by the frog.
Notice my wrist is bending,
it's bending forward and then coming back.
I want your wrist to look as much like
that as you can get.
And the bow is straight,
perpendicular to the strings at all times.
Very smooth and when we're out like this,
you can see that I'm,
I'm all the way extended and that I'm
Wanna make sure we're breathing properly,
as these bows go on and
that we're extending and that we own this,
all this area in
here is our personal ranch that we own
this is our space that we get to control.
That's our property for the purposes of
this bowing and for
the purposes of fiddling in general.
And we can breathe along with this we can
take an in breath of a we can breathe in
on the up bow.
And then breathe out on the down bow.
Down, out.
This is always good first thing in the
morning you pick up that fiddle,
do this breathing and bowing exercise
that's gonna help so much for
your arm, you're relaxing your arm and
relaxing your wrist.