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Fiddle Lessons: Introduction to Intermediate Fiddle

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All right,
welcome to level two, intermediate
So before you are gonna jump in on this
it's really important that you are
familiar with
the concepts that we've covered in the
beginning area.
And you may already be familiar with a lot
of these concepts,
things like knowing the names and the
notes, being able to play in certain keys,
being able to, move the bow back and
in certain ways, and that's why even if
you're starting an intermediate but,
it would be good to go back and just check
out some of the beginning lessons
to see what we're talking about, what gets
talked about and what,
what we're covering, you know, what we've
covered so far, so that we'll all be kinda
on the same page when you start with that,
that intermediate stuff.
Because there's some things that we really
do need to know,
otherwise you're gonna go, like, what,
what's going on?
Just little things.
You might know 95% of that beginning
But just one little thing might trip you
And then you gonna have to go back there
So there's no real advantage to jumping in
way far ahead of yourself
because it's just gonna make things
harder, you know?
But it's always good to go back and review
that beginning stuff, so that
when you start in on the intermediate,
you'll feel comfortable, and enjoy it.
And of course, that's, the point, isn't
to enjoy the experience of making music
and fiddling.
So that said, welcome.
Great, we are going to work on a whole
bunch of really interesting things,
and work on a whole bunch of tunes, and
just in general find more ways to
just really have fun and enjoy playing
bluegrass on the fiddle.