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Fiddle Lessons: Swingy Styles

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generally gonna come a time in every
Bluegrass show that you're going
to be called upon to play a little bit
So, I just want to throw in just a little
bit of
how to play swingy, swingier style.
What happens with the bow and things like
Now at some point this website is going to
expand out into that area.
But for now we're just gonna like put a
little finger pointing
at the swing style because you know it
does happen.
Swing happens and you know you have you
get in an acoustic band and
its just gonna, it's just gonna assert
So some of the things that are not like
Bluegrass, that in the swing style.
Is that we're generally talking about a
little bit of a lighter bow and
a little shorter bow strokes.
Instead of.
going to be playing with a little bit
A little bit more articulation.
A little bit up, more up in the bow, up in
the this area and
we're going to be stopping the bow more.
there's going to be a bit of
Little bit more vibrato at the ends
of the notes.
Right and the notes instead of being.
Drawn out and smooth, they're going to be
a little bit more, going to have a little
bit more of a contour so that.
It's gonna.
So light at both ends and
a little heavier in the middle.
So just kinda, it's almost like carried.
It's I think, the classical musicians call
it portato.
Where you're actually.
You're just kinda
the bow is making a little bit of a u
shape as it goes across the string.
So that kinda feeling.
So play a little number here called I'm
Satisfied With You.
And you can kinda see how that sorta comes
together here.
A little bit of short notes, pauses,
things like that.
Still bluesy.
There's some bluesy stuff.
Is a little bit more arpeggiated type
rather than the pentatonic fiddle tuning
So, let's listen to this I'm Satisfied
With You.
One, two, one.