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Fiddle Lessons: Introduction to Advanced Fiddle

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to the Advanced Bluegrass Fiddle section.
All right.
You've made it this far.
Hopefully you've been spending some time
in the Basic and Intermediate sections.
Moving through the graded lessons and
moving forward in a reasonable
Once we get to advanced, we're not gonna
be really moving in a graded way anymore.
People are gonna be, hopefully you are
gonna be at a place where
you've got a lot of these concepts
Things like just being able to play at
speed, being able to play a lot of tunes.
Knowing a lot of tunes, knowing, the
chords of the tunes.
Being able to move through, and deal with
one, four, five, chords, things like that.
Being able to know your scales, pentatonic
being comfortable with major, and minor
And most, of the, if not all, hopefully
all of the Bluegrass keys and
every other key that may not be considered
But they're all Bluegrass.
You should be good with your fourth
You should be good with shuffles, nuts and
bolts shuffles.
And in general just be up on all the
things that we talk about,
the language we're using the musical
And every other thing.
And so, because now we're in this area
where it's really
more of you're gonna be able to float
around and pick your areas.
You know, and, and this is also where
we're gonna be also doing,
more video exchanges for specific
And ideas that are gonna be a little bit
more advanced and subtle.
So we really wanna make sure in order to
make use of that.
You really wanna make sure that you have
these basic core concepts and
techniques down that we've talked about in
the first two areas.
So if you're unsure whether you really
want to get into the advanced stuff,
I think again a placement video would be
really good.
You can submit that,
you may have already done that for you
know your previous stuff.
Just finding out where you wanted to start
and this is a good opportunity I think.
You know, if you're considering getting
into the advanced area.
Another placement video is probably a very
good idea.
Just to see where we are with this things.
So yeah.
And welcome.
We're gonna look at we're gonna rock it in
all directions.
You know, no longer forward, but we're
gonna go in every direction at once.
We're gonna get on our horse and
ride off in all directions with advanced
Bluegrass fiddle.