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Fiddle Lessons: Banjo Tunes to Fiddle

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a couple of little banjo licks that sound
good on a fiddle.
It's always great to listen outside your
instrument, you know if you're just
listening to fiddle, then you're really
not listening to enough stuff.
I, I listen to a lot of guitar players,
and I listen to a lot of banjo players,
I'm always looking for stuff that, you
know, since the banjo is so
opposite of the fiddle, it's, it's nice to
try to find stuff that works, and
of course there's a couple of things that
just sound great.
Course certainly.
That could happen anywhere.
All right, that's a great banjo lick.
All right, that's a total banjo lick.
I'm just trying to get that a little
you know, is there a way that I can make
that bow pop, pop a little bit, you know?
Just to make that.
Just things like that,
that are gonna get you out of the, the
regular old boring fiddle sound.
And just looking to the banjo, looking to
the guitar, for things like that.
Just a little word to the wise, go find
some banjo licks, that you can transfer,
to the fiddle.
It'll surprise [LAUGH] who knows how it's
gonna make your banjo feel?
Your, your, who knows how it's gonna make
your banjo player feel it's worth a,
worth an experiment.