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Fiddle Lessons: Toggling on 1-4

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What the Fisher's Hornpipe and
Johnny Cash's tune, Big River, and Boogie
Tunes, and the Blues, have in common?
What they do, one thing they do have in
common, is this idea that you can, like,
sort of go on back and forth between the
one chord and the four chord a lot.
Fisher's Hornpipe, of course.
And you know, with the Blues, we can go
We're going back and forth between the one
And the fourth chord very fast.
We call it toggling.
You know, like a toggle switch.
[SOUND] Back and forth.
And that's a great way to add interest to
sort of a a one chord kind of situation,
where you're hanging out on the same
chord, for a long time.
Boogie kinda tunes.
Big River is the same kinda way, you know?
No matter what kind of key you're playing
it in.
That whole idea of just like going back
and forth, toggling back and
forth between one and four.
Is a great way to sort of kind of.
Make a little riff, you know, that,
that's going behind whatever else is going
That wouldn't necessarily be in the
but can really sorta drive the background.
Something that can really help the sound
of, of your band in,
in certain situations where maybe it seems
like it might be a little static.
So yeah, try some of these.
And that kinda thing.
So here's
a little example of what I'm talking about
when I, you know, talk about the toggling.
You know, just.
Will get, get a little groove going with
our maestro here.
Guitar maestro Scott.
And then will let me just kinda go back
before I do that little riff action over
the one.
Riff on one.
One, two, one, two, three.
Something like that, you know?
That, that can work really well, you know,
just to give it the, the one-four a little